Current Positions

Here is a list of the currently open positions in each game. Positions marked with an asterisk (*) are RP-heavy positions, often asked to participate in most events and / or when new players enter the game. Players should only apply for these positions if they are willing to jump in as needed. Staff also reserves the right to substitute other characters or NPC’s in these positions for players who are on hiatus or taking a leave of absence from the game.

Positions marked with a double asterisk (**) are nefarious or antagonistic positions to play. The hope is to build role plays involving the antagonists and give players a chance to shape how game events go, doing nefarious things, and providing good clash as a basis for storylines.

As a final note, any position with Blazing Umbra can be filled with an AI, though some positions require being filled by an AI. The list is not meant to limit what roles an AI character can play.

Blazing Umbra

Military positions listed are Solas Tempus officers unless otherwise noted. Politicians are usually civilians and either appointed or elected officials.

PositionLocationRole TypeCharacter
Serenity Concord Prime MinisterTrocaraPolitician
Serenity Concord Vice MinisterTrocaraPolitician
Head of Onyx **Occipital StationAntagonist
Onyx Contact **Nimbus StationAntagonist
Onyx Contact **Duranala, SoteriaAntagonist
Onyx Contact **TrocaraAntagonist
Crime Boss **Nimbus StationAntagonist
Head of Solas TempusTranquillity StationMilitarySal D’Amico
Leader of Blue Team (Action)Tranquility StationMilitaryLance Thomas
Leader of Green Team (R&D)Tranquillity StationMilitary
Leader of Gold Team (Science)Tranquility StationMilitary
Head of TEMPCOM (Temporal Command)Starbase PandoraMilitarySiv Quinn
Head of TACCOM (Tactical Command)Tranquility StationMilitaryEmily Marie Artis
Head of SPECCOM (Special Forces)Tranquility StationMilitary
Head of STS (Security)Tranquility StationMilitary
Head of STR (Search & Rescue)Tranquility StationMilitary
Commandant of the MarinesNimbus StationMilitaryApollyon
Head of Vident ObscuraNimbus StationMilitaryTorm Shol
Master Systems AINimbus StationAI / MilitaryLeonard
Commanding Officer *Nimbus StationMilitary
Operations Officer *Nimbus StationMilitary
Security Chief *Nimbus StationMilitary
Chief EngineerNimbus StationMilitary
Federation LiaisonNimbus StationStarfleet Officer
Owner of the Dapper NomadNimbus StationCivilian
Head of Vident ObscuraNimbus StationMilitary
Local Midnight Riders ContactNimbus StationCivilian
Master Systems AI *Serenity StationAI / Military
Commanding Officer *Serenity StationMilitary
Executive Officer *Serenity StationMilitary
Operations OfficerSerenity StationMilitary
Security Chief *Serenity StationMilitary
Master Systems AIUmbral StationAI / MilitaryJericho Armistance
Commanding OfficerUmbral StationMilitary
Executive OfficerUmbral StationMilitary
Operations OfficerUmbral StationMilitary
Security ChiefUmbral StationMilitary
Chief EngineerUmbral StationMilitary
Master Systems AIJanus StationAI / Military
Commanding OfficerJanus StationMilitary
Executive OfficerJanus StationMilitary
Operations OfficerJanus StationMilitary
Schatten System GovernorDuranala, SoteriaPolitician
Schatten System SenatorDuranala, SoteriaPolitician
Soteria MinisterDuranala, SoteriaPolitician
Duranala GovernorDuranala, SoteriaPolitician
Duranala Police Chief *Duranala, SoteriaLaw Enforcement
Master Systems AITranquility StationAI / Military
Commanding OfficerTranquility StationMilitary
Executive OfficerTranquility StationMilitary
Master Systems AIStarbase PandoraAI / MilitaryNeo Akazuli
Commanding OfficerStarbase PandoraMilitary
Executive OfficerStarbase PandoraMilitary
Master Systems AIIntegro BaseAI / Military

Stellar Horizon

The Stellar Horizon setting is an off-shoot of Blazing Umbra, it takes place on the STV Stellar Horizon which is tasked with exploration and diplomatic missions in alternate realities through the Janus Gate.

PositionLocationRole TypeCharacter
Master Systems AISTV Stellar HorizonAI / Military
Commanding Officer *STV Stellar HorizonMilitary
Executive Officer *STV Stellar HorizonMilitary
Operations OfficerSTV Stellar HorizonMilitary
Security ChiefSTV Stellar HorizonMilitary
Chief EngineerSTV Stellar HorizonMilitary
Chief Medical OfficerSTV Stellar HorizonMilitary
PilotSTV Stellar HorizonMilitary
Senfu Government Official **Cevunia / Strot Star SystemPolitician
Senfu Government Official **Cevunia / Strot Star SystemPolitician
Heibo Official RepresentativeIvonio / Strot Star SystemPolitician
Heibo Resistance LeaderIvonio / Strot Star SystemParamilitary
Heibo Resistance FighterIvonio / Strot Star SystemParamilitary

Politician / Paramilitary / Resistance

The Strot Star System is ruled by the Senfu who have virtually enslaved the Heibo, a neighboring race. As such the Senfu Government keeps tight controls on the Heibo and there is a resistance. Paramilitary indicates, in this case, a military-like organization which is not tied to a government, they are freedom fighters or terrorists depending on the point of view. The Senfu government officials don’t necessarily need to be antagonistic, but will strongly believe in their system where the Heibo are a “worker class” and not only deserve to be there but are “well taken care of” by their Senfu masters.

Angelic Sins

Since Angelic Sins is a modern horror setting, there are many different kinds of characters. Political positions can be supernaturals so long as they can pass for human / normal. Most political positions are held by humans, vampires, or vampire servants of some kind. Law enforcement positions are most often held by humans, were-creatures, with some other smattering of supernatural figures here and there. Head Vampires tend to know everything going on in their territory. With other positions we flag those that are designed to be antagonistic, just because a position is not flagged to be such doesn’t mean it cannot be played as an antagonist in plot.

PositionLocationRole TypeCharacter
Mayor of ChicagoChicago, ILPolitician
Head Vampire *Chicago, ILVampireVictoria Romana
Alpha of Ambersky Depths Pack *Chicago, ILWerewolf
Beta of Ambersky Depths PackChicago, ILWerewolf
Alpha of Broken Fire PardChicago, ILWerelion
Beta of Broken Fire PardChicago, ILWerelion
Alpha of Dawn Thunder PackChicago, ILWerebear
Beta of Dawn Thunder PackChicago, ILWerebear
Head of Federation of MagiChicago, ILMagic User
Local Psionic LeaderChicago, ILPsionic
Fae KingChicago, ILFairy
Fae QueenChicago, ILFairy
Police Chief *Chicago, ILLaw Enforcement
Owner of the Hotel Sebastian *Chicago, ILAny Supernatural
Owner of the Serenity AsylumChicago, ILVampire
Owner of the Saevae Bar *Chicago, ILAny SupernaturalVance Reid
Owner of the Gothic Amber CabaretChicago, ILAny Supernatural
Mayor of Los AngelesLos Angeles, CAPolitician
Head Vampire *Los Angeles, CAVampire
Alpha of Werewolf PackLos Angeles, CAWerewolf
Beta of Werewolf PackLos Angeles, CAWerewolf
Fae KingLos Angeles, CAFairy
Fae QueenLos Angeles, CAFairy

About Magic Users & Psionics

About magic users and psionics; they tend to leave each other alone for the most part. A local leader in either doesn’t mean they rule over those under them, but they will know / have contact with most of their fellows in the area and have some social authority. Psionics, especially, do not have a leadership of sorts, simply local leaders who keep tabs on things and try to moderate disputes / keep the peace.

About Fae / Fairies

The fae in the area are ruled by a King / Queen who need to be fairies. At the time of this writing there is virtually nothing written about the fairies and such within the game itself. While we borrow heavily from some properties such as World of Darkness, Vampire Chronicles, and the Mortal Instruments series for some aspects of the game, anyone playing a fairy or other fae in the game will have the opportunity and responsibility to build out what this looks like.

Embers of Soteria

Since this setting is a fantasy setting, the forms of government available roughly mirror what someone might have been able to encounter in the middle ages or renaissance times. Many of the political powers of the world have yet to be defined, none have been defined in detail. Players wishing to take on a powerful role will also have the ability to shape how the game plays and how the land their character presides over is developed, not only through in-game play but simply by defining the land itself out-of-game.

PositionLocationRole TypeCharacter
King of BraebarKingdom of BraebarMonarch
Queen of BraebarKingdom of BraebarMonarch
Breabar Rose Council RepresentativeRose PalaceNoble
Prime MinisterRealm of DusnainNoble
Dusnain Rose Council RepresentativeRealm of DusnainNoble
Prime MinisterRealm of FroquaNoble
Froqua Rose Council RepresentativeRealm of FroquaNoble
King of AdrenKingdom of AdrenMonarch
Queen of AdrenKingdom of ArdenMonarch
Arden Rose Council RepresentativeKingdom of ArdenNoble
King of ThaentisDiford Castle, ThaentisMonarch
Queen of ThaentisDiford Castle, ThaentisMonarchRegina Ellian
Grand Master of the GuardDiford Castle, ThaentisMilitary
Thaentis Rose Council RepresentativeRose PalaceNoble
Mayor *WhiteridgeNobleJasid Shunnid
Owner of the Hearts Refuge Inn *WhiteridgeAnyRachel Oxen
Captain of the GuardStowerling CitadelMilitary
King of NeskarKingdom of NeskarMonarch
Queen of NeskarKingdom of NeskarMonarch
Neskar Rose Council RepresentativeRose PalaceNoble
Emperor of OlafOlaf EmpireMonarch
Olaf Rose Council RepresentativeRose PalaceNoble
Lord of EsparyEspary FiefdomMonarch
Lady of EsparyEspary FiefdomMonarch
Espary Rose Council RepresentativeRose PalaceNoble
PresidentRepublic of ShoyuqueNoble
Shoyuque Rose Council RepresentativeRose PalaceNoble

Monarchs vs Nobles

For the purposes of this game any monarch is someone who has become leader due to their blood lines. As it was in much of Europe and other parts of the world, the leadership was generally seen to be above the common folk and ordained by God. In the case of Embers of Soteria that God would be Onos, the central deity of the pantheon. Nobles have similar power and title through heredity but leaders who are noble (such as a President or Prime Minister) are not ordained by God to leadership but rather elected through some fashion. Players who take up such characters will have the opportunity to define how the land their character rules selects its leaders.

Rose Council

The Rose Council is a body of representatives seated at the Rose Palace and created to keep the Peace of Ages intact. They mediate disputes between different political bodies. They are a similar concept to that of the United Nations, under the Peace of Ages they have authority to act to stop aggression and prevent wars.

According to the Peace of Ages the Rose Council has authority over the Souls Templar, who act as a peacekeeping force. They are a paramilitary force operating outside of the jurisdiction of any single government but cannot act against any government without approval of the council.