Ageless Ones

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The Ageless Ones were said to appear on Elder Soteria around 1000 years ago, at the start of the first year after the war (1 A.W.). There is little known about them, legend has it that they forbade anyone from writing about them. Still, some legends remain, it is said that their concept of honor was beyond reproach and their respect for life was equally so.


Legend has it that one of the Ageless Ones appeared, stepping out of a shimmering pool of light in the presence of each of the monarchs of the 10 Kingdoms at the same time. They spoke at length, and never threatened the leaders with their enormous power but rather debated them at length refusing to leave until the leaders had heard them out and countered their points.

After the Peace

After the peace was formed, the Ageless Ones left the Kingdoms. It is said they returned to the stars, but how they came here or where they came from is completely unknown and lost to time.