Agent B67

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Agent B76 is a last-resort drug compound used by Solas Tempus, it is usually taken in the form of a tablet, though it can be injected.


The compound is coupled with a second substance which structures itself like neural memory chemicals. When these two mix, the result is complete amnesia of a specific set of memories and the activation of chemicals in the brain that reform memory compounds. The effect is the same as if a person creates their own memories under hypnosis except for the fact that B67 makes the memories take hold as perfect memories.


In the event that a team of temporal operatives is unable to be retrieved, they are required to take the tablets. The effect takes about 2 days to complete resulting in large patches of unconsciousness. Once the effect completes, some confusion is expected but the created memories are stable and completely replace the actual memories. The actual memories degenerate and break down in the brain leaving little or no chance of flashback.

Before taking, temporary memories can be implanted to guide the artificial created memories into the shape desired. Usually this method goes along with setting memories to make their fake identities real to them.