Alcor Star System

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The Alcor system is a binary star system around 81.7 ly from Sol in the Epsilon Tatva Sector with 5 planets. The main star (Zim) is a G9V Yellow Main Sequence star with a radius of 7.72 x 105 (1.11 times Sol), mass of 2.24 x 1030 kg, temperature of 5000 K, and luminosity of 2.65 x 1026 (0.69 of Sol). The companion star is an M0V Red Dwarf orbiting at a distance of 3.16 x 107 km from Zim designated Zimmin. This star has a radius of 2.82 x 105 km (0.41 of Sol), mass of 6.21 x 1029 (0.31 of Sol), temperature of 3400 K, and a luminosity of 7.57 x 1024 W (0.02 of Sol).


Class: M
Distance: 1.11 x 108 km (0.74 AU)
Period: 195 Days
Radius: 7,589.24 km (1.19 times Earth)
Gravity: 1.41 G

Brisha is the central planet of the Brishian society. The atmosphere of this world is dense and breathable, the surface is 36% water with 11% of that being ice. Heavy volcanic activity have always plagued this world, though the locals have developed intensely sophisticated engineering techniques for dealing with the tectonic instability.


Class: K
Distance: 1.46 x 108 km (0.98 AU)
Period: 294.2 Days
Radius: 4,883.31 km (0.77 of Earth)
Gravity: 0.78 G

This world features heavily in Brishian mythology. The atmosphere of this world is similar to a Class M world, however, it is highly toxic and corrosive with high concentrations of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, and ammonia. The unusually thick atmosphere with heavily electrical activity ionizes the nitrogen and oxygen of the air forming toxic nitrogen dioxide and ammonia. The planet's core has heavy concentrations of lead, gold, and nickel. The surface is 44% water with 38% of that being ice. The Brishian government colonized this planet a number of years ago using domes, though the population has not grown in some time.


Class: A
Distance: 1.65 AU
Period: 1.76 Years
Radius: 9,761 km (1.53 times Earth)
Gravity: 1.44 G

This is a barren world with heavy volcanic activity, the surface is largely that of molten rock.


Class: K
Distance: 2.77 AU
Period: 3.84 Years
Radius: 7,001.08 km (1.1 times Earth)
Gravity: 1.04 G

This world has a tenuous atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide. Although similar to Earth in size and gravity it has only trace amounts of surface water in the form of ice at the polar regions.


Class: P
Distance: 4.78 AU
Period: 8.71 Years
Radius: 14,458.48 km (2.27 times Earth)
Gravity: 1.93 G

Larger than most other Class P worlds, this massive world is entirely covered in a thick permafrost layer. With only a thin atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and trace amounts of oxygen it is utterly incapable of supporting life.