Annabelle Garaan

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Annabelle Garaan
Annabelle Garaan
Played by: User:Cyclops
Race: AI
Date of Creation: March 3rd, 2385
Place of Creation: Trocara
Eye Color: Olive Green
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Organization: Serenity Concord
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Suzanne Kemper
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Annabelle is a nice girl but incredibly blunt. She doesn't see much of a point in not saying things as she sees them. That isn't to say she's mean or rude. She has some tact, just prefers to be as direct as possible. She's attentive and alert but rebellious, disliking routine and structure. Her rebellious streak will come out sometimes and she likes to get people laughing with a joke or even a light prank. She can be a bit pretentious, thinking very highly of herself and her opinions. Annabelle shows her concern for other people through touch, a touch on the shoulder or the hand she feels can give a great deal of comfort. In fact she's had to learn that a lot of people don't like that kind of touch. She's very empathetic toward the suffering of others and cares deeply for the plight of anyone, not just people she knows.

Personally she is very happy-go-lucky and it's hard to find her in a negative mood. She's bright, cheery, and likes to spread the light around as much as she can. When she's at east she tends to talk fast and a lot, this can tire out even her close friends. Professionally she's learned to be more subdued and while she has very strong feelings about almost anything under the sun, she hides them well when her job calls for it. She loves the work she does and especially working with younger children.

Special Skills

Annabelle is learning social work going to university as well as interning as assistant to Suzanne Kemper. She also has a Multinodal Core and Android / Holographic forms, though she prefers the XIA body she was built with. Her android body is the Mark 1 Humanoid Android Body civilian model.


Annabelle is one of the newest of the XIA’s, and one of the first to choose a life outside of the military organization of Solas Tempus. Instead she opted to study at the recently opened University of Soteria, while she was undeclared at first she read about new arrivals on Nimbus Station. Having particular empathy for some children she'd read about who were separated from their parents, she started to study social work. She was awarded a prestigious position interning with the Serenity Concord for practical experience and works with Suzanne Kemper as an assistant.

In 2386 she requested that the Concord provide her with a Multinodal Core and an Android Body for situations which the XIA form factor was insufficient. This would also give her the ability to join Suzanne on some meetings for which she might be a distraction. This was granted in April and since then she mostly uses her XIA body but will use one of the other forms if the situation calls for it.