Aqua Opal Crystal

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The Aqua Opal Crystal is a rare crystal, an infusion of gold and platinum with the crystal lattice of quartz. The crystal exhibits the rare property of resistance to psionic and magical energy. When the crystal is in proximity of a living being the resistant energy will propagate through the living creatures natural energy field, though it will be strongest when the crystal is facing the source of energy. When used in conjunction with psionics or magic use the resistant properties can be expanded and used in complex patterns to produce unique effects difficult to maintain otherwise.

The crystal's resistant energy field will permeate the aura of a person or people at near-touching distance with the crystal, since a person's aura is part of them the person can still effectively use both psionics and magic when the crystal is otherwise giving them some protection against such energies. No still or ability with magic or psionics is required for this crystal to be effective.