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The Archer Class is based on its namesake class from Starfleet in the mid 22nd century. Solas Tempus has repurposed the design as a scout vessel. Her small crew compliment is augmented by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and the use of the Astromech Droids. The central computer is augmented by the AI system which is capable of using holographic or android forms and can take full command and control of the vessel if required. Designed to have the greatest speed using the DFD, the ship plays a versatile role as a scout as well as fast-attack vessel. Dropping out of folded space to scan or even deploy ordinance and then back into folded space quickly. The bridge module used has been adapted from the Defiant bridge module replacing the original, smaller bridge.

In April of 2386 the vessel was officially adopted by Solas Tempus as personal transport craft for command level officers, should one be needed. All flag officers are assigned a dedicated Archer Class Starship with a master systems AI even if they have a larger command vessel. Captains and lower grade commanding officers may also request such a vessel.

45 by 22.5 by 9 meters
Crew Capacity 
1 Minimum / 14 Maximum
Power Source 
Deuterium Fusion Reactors (3)
Matter / Antimatter Reactor
Impulse Drive
Dimensional Fold Drive
Warp Drive
Jump Point Generator
Cruising Speed 
Warp 4.1 / Fold 6.1
Maximum Speed 
Warp 7.95 / Fold 9.28
Emergency Speed 
Warp 8.51 for 30 Minutes / Fold 9.689 for 12 Minutes

Offensive Systems

  • Phaser Emitters (2 Dorsal / Fore)
  • Photon Torpedos (2 Dorsal / Fore, 1 Aft)

Defensive Systems

Auxiliary Systems


Solas Tempus Redesign

New Bridge

The engineers of Solas Tempus acquired a number of these vessels from assorted shipyards in trade for various services rendered. Always interested in new vessel designs, several engineering divisions became enamored with the design and even used the original at various times. The design features an incredibly large deflector dish compared to the rest of the vessel as well as very large warp nacelles. Project Achilles Marble was authorized by the leadership in 2372 and began the following year after the project leadership was chosen. Several iterations of the vessel design were developed, ultimately the designers chose to use much of the original layout and philosophy but with updated equipment. The first vessel prototypes came off the assembly lines in 2375 and later spawned another 3 redesigns before the final product was authorized and built in 2378.

In this new design several of the new technologies developed by Starfleet for use in the Defiant Class Starship are in use here, the compact and powerful warp core as well as the bridge module. The crew quarters are limited still, two suites which are not shared with others while the remaining 6 rooms are double bunks with shared bathroom and shower facilities. Since this version of the vessel can be operated by a singular person or even just the master systems AI, the vessel crew quarters can be easily converted for storage or laboratory use and the sleeping areas can be converted for multiple other uses. The bridge itself can have the side-seating retracted to under the consoles leaving only the command chair and helm seating.

The ships AI utilizes the equipped Multinodal Core to allow the AI to seamlessly transit between its android body and the ship's systems as well as remote computer systems.

Internal Design

To better suit the small size of the craft, the internal corridors have also been redesigned by Solas Tempus. They are slightly narrower and have more exposed access panels and a more sturdy internal framing for the corridors. Emergency force field generators have also been added to the internal structure allowing the vessel to withstand more punishment. The additional structural integrity is due mostly to the ships small size and curved corridor on Deck 2.

These images are not exact, they are examples of the visual style and rough idea of how the rooms and corridors are constructed / how they might feel to be in.


Master Systems Display

Internal Layout



Original Bridge

The Archer Class was original a scout design in the mid 23rd century, made with the unique ability to land the ship on a planet, asteroid, or other body. The original plans for the vessel also included an as-yet undesigned carrier class vessel which would move slower but be heavily armed and send these smaller vessels out to explore. This other class, originally code-named Morpheus Class never got off the drawing board. During the mid to late 23rd century Starfleet chose to design larger vessels such as the Constitution, Miranda, and eventually Excelsior Class starships. These vessels provided the base for the patrol-model of space exploration and defense which enabled Starfleet to provide better protection and coverage for fewer resources.

While these plans were scrapped about a two-dozen Archer Class Starships were constructed and served in the fleet for decades, though never really found their footing. Notoriously underpowered for their size, the original design called for a new breed of advanced fusion reactors, while it was designed and tested older fusion reactors were used in its place due to resource limitations. This choice ultimately doomed the vessel to obscurity.