Astromech Droid

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1.12 Meters Tall
Power Source 
Deuterium Fusion Reactor
High Output Power Cells

After several years of studying the designs for the droids used on the INV Cabur and INV New Hope as well as by Alema in her X-Wing, Solas Tempus engineers have produced their own design for a similar device. The original class of devices are used on the Cabur and New Hope to great effect to render repairs and for fabrication. Solas Tempus designed its own Astromech to fill some of these roles as well, especially after the success of the Mark X Information Assistant.

Tools and Equipment

The droid itself is designed as a kind of mobile and intelligent swiss-army-knife. It is capable of holding a variety of tools as well as has limited storage to hold items for its operator.


  • Extendable Parascope
  • Buzz Saw
  • Electric Pike
  • Plasma-Laser Torch
  • Fusion Welder
  • Data Probe
  • Short-Range Tractor / Repulser Beam
  • Molecular Tool Replicator
  • Quantum Resolution Scanner
  • Deuterium Refuel Coupler
  • Power Cell Recharge Coupler


  • Holographic Projector / Sensor
  • Subspace Transceiver


  • Retractable Third Leg
  • Rocket Boosters (2 / Right & Left Legs)
  • Motorized, All-Terrain Treads (3 / One per Leg)
  • Magnetic Couplers (3 / One per Leg) for Zero-G Use
  • Antigravity Generator