Atlantis Class City-Ship

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The Atlantis Class City-Ship was not made or designed by Starfleet Command, the Federation, or anyone in known space. The craft / city has been seen on a small number of occasions, however. It was evidently designed and built by a humanoid race from an alternate version of reality. There is a fair amount of controversy over this theory, though most reputable scientists agree that this is a reasonable explanation for its existence.

8.5 km in diameter at widest point
807 m tall at the central tower
Hallways 1 to 1.25 meters wide
1 Million Person Capacity
Power Source 
3 Zero Point Modules
6 Naquida Reactors
Impulse Drive
Lantean Hyperdrive
Wormhole Drive


City Layout

The city-ship is laid out to be a floating city upon the ocean of a planet. The central core of the city is where most of the services, residences, offices, and laboratories are located. This is a densely constructed area. There are then 6 peninsula structures come out from the center for various other functions. This includes landing space for auxiliary craft, recreational services, defensive and offensive systems.

Central Tower

Central Tower

At the heart of the city is a 70-story tall central tower, also called the central spire. This contains the main command and control room for the entire city as well as the city's gate room and a landing bay for Puddle Jumper Class Shuttle, which houses about 20 shuttles. This is designed for these vessels to come into the gate room itself for gate-travel or to exit the city via the top of the tower.

Jumper Bay


Gateroom / Control Layout

Landing Facilities

  • 3 Hanger Bays
1 Jumper Bay
2 Auxiliary Bays
  • 6 Landing Pads
186 x 241 meters

Offensive Systems

  • Ancient Drones

Defensive Systems

  • Lantean Shields

Adaptations for Use

Since the power source of a Zero-Point Module has not been completely figured out by current science, nor is the substance known as Naquida known to science at this time, the city's power systems can be adapted to use fusion reactors to replace the Naquida reactors and either a singularity core or matter/antimatter reactor to replace each of the 3 ZPM's which power the city. This adds fuel storage and appropriate safety systems to the city.

OOC Notes

There are some serious scaling issues with canon within Stargate Atlantis and how big the city is. It is noted that it has roughly the same amount of area to explore as Manhattan, this is problematic with on-screen promotions of the city. It is also noted, within canon, that the central tower is 70 stories tall. At the same time the Daedalus is seen landed at Atlantis (200 or so meters long) and being very small in comparison. Several theories have been given to how large the city is, but we've settled on 8.5km based on the surface area of the island of Manhattan as a starting point.