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Barfleur 1.jpg
Played by: Spartan889
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 140 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Earth
Eye Color: eyes seems to have beautiful shade of amethyst
Hair Color: dark auburn hair that seems to go down and cover half of her back, seems to wear a partially covered black headband
Figure: slim
Universe of Origin: Original
Occupation: S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Rank / Skill Level: professional
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

She is known to be kind and compassionate to others and is the team medic. Most notable thing is that she can be fierce in battle to protect those she loves and care about.


  • She wears the Sunrise Suit which served as a lightweight, easy accessibility, modular, economical benefits and reasonable protection against both anomalies and firearms making it a very good choice to carry around as a spare for most Stalkers. As a result, the line has become an effective combination of a light military bulletproof vest and a jumpsuit made out of rubberized fabric. It is reinforced with inserted kevlar plates and provides low levels of protection. It is most popular among Loners, the suit has achieved status as a symbol for stalkers. Throughout the years of its service throughout the S.T.A.L.K.E.R community it has undergone many alterations and modifications to its design but majorly made with newer materials making it more efficient than before while still maintaining its cheap, easy to maintain and decent anomaly and firearm protection for beginner Stalkers to the more experience and veterans of them all.
    Sunrise Suit

She wears a pair of combat gloves, a pair of black military boots and has a USMC Ka-Bar knife strap to her right leg. She also wears a black winter shawl that covers her mouth and nose while her eyes are covered by a non-tinted combat Goggles.

  • Without the Sunrise Suit set but a Flame Resistant Organizational Gear(FROG) BDU and her pair of black combat boots.
  • A woodland pattern winter coat with a matching skirt, winter tights, brown leather boots and a pair of earmuffs.

Physical and mental skills

  • Stamina - 1A
  • Dexterity - 1B
  • Strength - 1B
  • Agility - 1B
  • Sight - A1
  • Hearing - 1A
  • Smell - 1B
  • Speed - 1A
  • Endurance - 1A
  • Self Control - 1B
  • Will - 1A
  • Instinct - 1A

Combat and Work skills

  • Marksman - 1A
  • Weapons Handling - 1A
  • Driving - 1C
  • Hand to hand combat - 1B
  • Melee Combat - 1B
  • Medical - 1A
  • Navigation - 1B
  • Explosive Demo - 1B
  • Observation - 1A
  • Knowledge - 1B
  • Engineering - 1C
  • Planning - 1B
  • Cooking - 1A


  • M14 Infantry Service Rifle - Found in an abandoned military warehouse, has been modified with bandages around the handguard along with a Schmidt and Bender ‘M8541 USMC Scout Sniper Daytime Scope’ mounted on a M1A scope mount
  • Glock 18 - Modded with an M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator and 20-round mag
  • Winchester Model 1897
  • HK UMP 45 - Has an attached Eotech 512 Holo sight, a Gemtech suppressor and a flashlight to the right side rail
  • AS Val - Modded with an AK Scope mount with an Aimpoint COMPM4S attached. Fixed onto the barrel is a flashlight that is linked to an adjustable foregrip fixed onto the suppressor barrel.


  • MICH Helmet w/ Multi-hit ballistic face shield-visor for Ops-Core FAST helmet
  • MOLLE II Rucksack
  • Sunrise Suit
  • S10 Gasmask
  • Rad detector
  • Chemical detector
  • Combat goggles
  • Winter Shawl
  • Medkit


  • Verniy’s Cougar HE 6X6 MRAP


Barfleur and her childhood friends were born and lived in a small village located at the state of South Dakota and were the only children of the local populace. Life in the village was quite dull for them back then.

They could remember moments when their parents came back home from work tired. Moments where they would sleep with an empty stomach. Times where they self-study and learn to do basic things like cooking, reading, how to shoot a gun etc.

When they were ten, they could remember the time where their fathers were rushing up and down with survival gear and tools including weapons while their mothers dressed them up in proper attires and lead them to a garage. Inside the Garage was a pre-war Cougar HE 6X6 MRAP with no turret. Not only that, their parents were dressed in their old attire then the ones they were wearing.

At first they were confused until one of their fathers explained of the situation to them. They didn’t want to believe it at first but the father explained to them once again and they understood. They understood what their parents trying to do and their reason. To protect them.

Verniy’s father pulls out a silver dog tag that had seven letters imprinted into it along with his name. ‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R’. He gives it to Verniy and told them to keep going North-West of America until they see a large town with concrete walls surrounding. Once they reach there, they are suppose to show the guards this tag. Once the guards let them in, Verniy’s father made sure to tell them to look for a man name Sidorovich and tell him that he send them here.

As extra insurance, he gave Zwei a letter with his will in it along with his signature in it and picture of his and his friends family and their daughters in it.

It was a tearful goodbye to their parents for them as they set off to get away from the village that was under attack by Mutants. Their parents in the end before their final moments watch them leave off to safety. The girls look back only see the village they were born and once lived in was overwhelmed by carnivorous mutants that destroyed their homes.

Weeks passed as they travel the ruin lands of South Dakota, ruins of pre-war towns, only to stopped in those places to search for food, water and fuel for their vehicle while defending themselves from mutants. Most commonly Womp Rats and Roaches but with a few cuts. Mostly Womp Rats. Their only major encounter was bumping to a Giant mutant Arizona Scorpion known as the Fiddler. It was pretty much the cross of a centipede and a Scorpion all in one.

They accidentally come across it as it finish killing a band of bandits. The creature took notice of them and gave pursuit. Their weapons which were essentially WW2 rifles had little to no effect to its tough armor and barely manage to escape thanks to their MRAP and Verniy’s driving skills by smashing through a couple of rusty steel beams of a abandoned warehouse which made it unstable and collapse upon the mutant scorpion. Killing it in the process.

Another couple weeks as they passed the borders of Montana, the group manage to spot a large village with large concrete walls surrounding the place indicating that this was the place.

Stopping a couple meters away from the South Gate of the town, the group of four girls dismount from their vehicle approached the gate nervous as it was heavily guarded with well armed individuals wearing different kinds of armor along with gasmasks.

A group of three walked up to them and the leader ask them of their intentions despite their child appearance. Zwei who was scared though she didn’t show it to the guards and her childhood friends shows them the tag Verniy’s father gave them.

The leader takes the tag from Zwei’s hand and inspected it until he reads the name on the tag. He looks back the four girls again. Despite the mask Verniy and Zwei were sure he was skeptical and suspicious to how they had this tag in their possession.

Verniy took the leap as she fishes out the letter and hands it over to the leader who then again takes it and reads it silently and sees the picture. The guard looks back and forth at the girls and the picture and passes it back to Zwei and looks at Verniy.

“You are your father's daughter alright. I'll escort your group to Sidorovich. Make sure to behave when you're inside the town. Also welcome to Concord and the names Frost.” - lead guard

And so the gates open letting the group MRAP enter the settlement with the same group of guards from before escorting their Cougar to the town’s motor pool to park which filled with all kinds of vehicles. From WW2 vehicles to pre-war vans, lorries, trucks and military vehicles scavenged and modified.

With the parking gone, Frost personally escorted the group to a underground bunker which turns out to be trade outpost and Bar. Inside the underground trade section was the man they were looking for who was in well built Russian in his forties and was wearing what looks to be traders outfit and was speaking to another person dressed in a heavily customized suit with armored paddings around it and a hood over his head.

Sidorovich notices Frost and the group of four girls. He immediately asked the lead gatekeeper why is there four ten year olds doing in his shop. Verniy and Zwei passed the letter with the picture in it to Sidorovich.

Sidorovich unfolds the but he wasn’t expecting this at all. A letter of his old friend with his signature on it along with a photo of Sidorovich old friend with several other people along with the four kids he sees now.

Shock at this, he looks at Verniy, Teruzuki, Zwei and Barfleur. He then asked Verniy to what happened to her father.

Verniy shook her head and told him that their village were attacked by Mutants and were the only survivors of the attack.

Sidorovich was sadden to hear that his old friend and partner is now dead but in front of him is his deceased friend child or niece in a sense. But it was that moment he made a promised to make sure that his partner’s daughter and her friends know to to make the best out of this hellzone.

“I see… are your father's daughter. And I owe him a lot since he saved my ass way too many times. I will take you four in and make sure that you all know how to survive and make the best out of this hellscape. I will supply you with what I have and my friend here name Cayde *gestures to the hooded man* will teach you pretty much everything that’s needs to be known outside. Not only that, he’s looking for apprentices.” - Sidorovich

So their first lesson was how to properly handle weapons. Sidorovich pretty much got rid of their old WW2 guns and supplied the four with better rifles and pistols which was a simple HK G3A3 and a Colt 1911 along with a tactical vest to carry ammo.

Cayde. Their mentor as they know seems to be a pretty chill person who was laid back and carefree kind of guy. So far he’s been teaching them how to properly maintain and use a rifle and pistol while adding in a couple of hilarious jokes.

Not only that, in Cayde’s point of view, the four girls he was mentoring seems to be fast learners they were absorbing his teachings like a sponge. Heck even he notice Barfleur getting better with her accuracy, Verniy expert maintenance, Teruzuki in weapons handling and Zwei in a bit of the three but more in melee combat.

2 weeks past for the four as Cayde was satisfied with the girls weapon and more on to their next subject. Mutants.

So far in Zwei, Verniy, Barfleur and Teruzuki knowledge in mutants is somewhat okay as they know the most common ones such as Womp Rats, Roaches, rabid dogs, Taun Tauns and Brahims including the giant centipede/scorpion hybrid they encountered before.

Cayde carefully explained to them that there’s more kinds of dangerous mutants out there each of them has their own special way of killing you which sends shivers down their spines as they imagine what kind of horrible deaths.

Thankfully Cayde manage to calm them down as he told them that he knows every weaknesses of the mutants he encountered. Each of the girls listened carefully to what Cayde explained about each mutants he encountered and killed. Some were passive others were not. He even pointed out that most insect mutants goes nuts and will attack anything near them if you shoot their antennas which makes them attack friend and foe alike.

The passing months, Cayde covered them about other subjects such as anomalies, scavenging, known towns they keep in contact, quest and jobs from other settlements both near and afar and artifacts that will help and fetch quite a price depending on what artifact you find and dangers they come with when collecting them which are mainly mutants and the local anomalies.

He also pointed out to them that the weather can be dangerous at times and stress the part where they must find proper shelter if they want to see the end of the storm.

Throughout those months of teaching them, Cayde also made sure that the four were not so dependent on each other if they were to be separated from each other for a long time.

The next year, Cayde started making the four girls go on trips with him outside for practical lessons such as artifact and mutant hunting, farming, driving, maintenance, cooking with the help of a Kitsune lady who runs a spicy ramen shop in town which is one of Cayde’s favourite stores and lastly medical knowledge which Barfleur seems to be really good at.

When Cayde and the girls were on their way back from another practical in Artifact hunting, their group was suddenly attacked by a large group of bandits armed with bootleg guns. And their only cover was a couple of rocks behind them and were forced to take cover due to the combined firepower of the bandits attacking them.

Cayde immediately called Concord for backup with his radio which was just ten minutes away from Concord to their location. But before Cayde was about to return fire, he noticed the four were huddled and were obviously scared. Scared and hesitant of killing humans besides mutants. Cayde could understand the hesitation but calls them out.

“Hey kiddos! I know you're scared and stuff but this guys are similar then the mutants ya’ll killed. Minus the part where they try to you know, maul your face or rip you apart in many horrible ways or laying eggs inside of ya-anyway! After this, I’ll make sure to treat you all for ramen! How does that sound?” - Cayde

Comforted by their mentors words, Zwei peeks out of cover and aims her G3A3 at one of the exposed bandits but she failed to notice one of them had their sights on her. Before Zwei could make the shot, she felt a searing pain hit her right shoulder making her screamed out in pain and fell to the ground clutching her right shoulder in pain.

The bandit responsible had his head blown apart by Cayde’s JTL-E .500 S&W Magnum.

Seeing Zwei in pain, Teruzuki and Verniy in their anger for seeing one of their closest friend got shot, they immediately return fire at the bandits while Barfleur pops out from cover and drags her back to cover and patches up Zwei’s wound.

While Verniy and Teruzuki were busy firing at the bandits along with Cayde. The two girls firing failed to notice a pair of bandits manage to sneak around them and were to ambush them through close quarters.

While Barfleur patches up Zwei, the German girl noticed two bandits behind them and were trying to sneak up on their group. Without thinking she pushes Barfleur away from her which saved her from a bullet hitting her head.

Taking out her 1911 with her left hand, she pulls the trigger and empty the entire clip on the two unarmored bandits killing both. Yet with the two bandits dead, Zwei continuously kept pulling the trigger of her Colt 1911 despite the clip being empty. It was clear her mind was trying to process to what she had just done. Barfleur was also shocked to witness what happened but recovered as Zwei clearly needed her help.

Before she could, she sees Cayde stuck in a deadlock with a bandit who engaged him to knife-to-knife combat. Verniy and Teruzuki were to busy gunning down any bandits that tried to attack them. Zwei was still in shock and Barfleur was the only one who could help Cayde break the deadlock with the bandit.

Picking up her G3, she takes aim and fires in single round which nails the bandit’s forehead killing him. Cayde waves a thanks to Barfleur for her assistance.

Before Barfleur could respond to the events, more gunfire could be heard along with the sound of a series of car engines.

Two armored Humvee armed with .50 cal turrets enters the firefight with with their .50 cal turrets blazing.

Within seconds, the bandits were all dead thanks to the timely arrival of the two humvees. Cayde rushes to his trainees to find each of them in each others embrace trying to come into terms to what happened.

Later on as they arrive back home, Zwei, Teruzuki, Barfleur and Verniy immediately return back to their room after checking in Zwei at the medical center to rest as their day has taken a toll on them. Both physically and mentally.

During the week as they recover, the four suffered nightmares of them and the bandits. Their mentor Cayde along with Sidorovich counseled the four each and separately. Each of them explained to Cayde and Sidorovich about their nightmares to where they were killed, being raped or seeing their friends raped or killed.

“Look Barfleur...I know this is hard for you but you made the right decision to shoot back. Harsh as it sounds but these are bandits, not mindless mutants. These people made the decision to attack others. They pillage, they rape, they kill innocents for their own sick pleasure Barfleur. That’s what Bandits do. They attack innocents just for the heck of it. Got it?” - Cayde

“That’s right Barfleur. What Cayde says is true. I’ve raided enough bandits or raiders camps to know what they do to their victims. Even the settlements that fell to those barbarians.” - Sidorovich

Hearing what Cayde and Sidorovich, she looks up to the two and hugs them sobbing.

A week after the event, Verniy, Zwei, Teruzuki and Barfleur became more active with each other, as they started to train themselves. To get stronger and better so they can protect those they hold dear.

Throughout the passing years which felt short for them, the four were now 15 years old and had grown and matured a lot. Their skills improved tremendously thanks to their hardwork and determination to become better than before, their bond with each other grew stronger and closer. Unknowingly Barfleur, Teruzuki, Verniy and Zwei developed feelings for each other.

A month later, their mentor Cayde finally taught them all the knowledge he had including skills. The five simply celebrated at their favourite Ramen store in town. All they need is to complete their first mission to be officially called stalkers and receive their own S.T.A.L.K.E.R tags.

Soon within the week after their celebration, the four received their first mission. An Escort mission which involves them and Verniy’s now modified MRAP to escort two KamAZ-5350 supply trucks to a nearby settlement with two other small groups/fireteams of stalkers.

Accepting the job given, within two days, their group left with the supply trucks and the other two small groups of stalkers in their own modified armored vehicles.

Throughout the journey was pretty uneventful for them as their vehicle was the lead vehicle of the group.

The trip was all nice and peaceful until a random sniper round hits Zwei’s window which protected her from being killed. Immediately, Verniy calls out to Teruzuki who is manning their newly added shielded M2 Browning .50cal MG to check their surroundings.

Teruzuki soon reported back to Verniy that there’s a bandit blockade up ahead. Zwei immediately comes up with an idea and radios one of the groups. Zwei tells the entire that they should smash through to barricade which will result in surprise and confusion among the bandits allowing them and the supply trucks to get through safely.

The group agreed to the idea. Teruzuki who was at the .50 cal turret immediately pulls the trigger showering the barricade with AP .50 BMG rounds to weaken the barricade and killing some of the bandits in the process.

Despite the amount of bandit gunfire pelt against the Cougar 6X6 MRAP armor, it did not deter Verniy at all as she accelerates the MRAP even more until the armored vehicle smashes through the weaken barricade and those with it.

This causes confusion, shock and surprise within the bandits ranks as they were easily picked off by small arms fire or MG fire from Teruzuki.

After the barricade, it was smooth sailing ahead plus a couple dead mutants who thought they could attack them. In the end, they reach to the designated settlement and the job was finished as the trucks unloaded their payload for the settlement populace. A mission success.

Later on, they return back to Concord and celebrated their first successful mission and finally receiving their S.T.A.L.K.E.R tags with their name imprinted on them. Throughout a single year, Verniy, Teruzuki, Zwei and Barfleur have been actively taking jobs and simple quest like Escorts, mutant hunting, patrols, guard duty and artifact raids etc. But the most dirtiest job they took was clearing out a bandit camp with several groups of stalkers which disgusted them to the core to what they witness the horrors they found in the Bandit camp.

Despite all that, the four continued on with their lives as stalkers. In the process, their feelings for each other start to unravel. The others notice the looks on the girls faces when they look at each other and immediately knew that they have affectionate feelings for each other. Right now all they need is a push and so they planned to do it during the upcoming harvest festival which involves food, drinks and games.

When the festival came, The four girls were invited to a feast. Smiling, they accept. It was a massive feast alright as all kinds of food and dishes were present on the table in front of them. Throughout the feast, the four notice that the other stalkers who invited them were looking at them expectantly. Until one of them shouts out when are they going to to confess to each other. This immediately caused the four to blush madly as more and more stalkers followed the first one. All of them had the same question as before. When are they going to confess to each other.

The first one to give in and confess was Teruzuki followed by Barfleur, Verniy and Zwei in a very comedic way much to their amusement. But in the end, Verniy, Barfleur, Zwei and Teruzuki felt very happy that they managed to confess their feelings to each other. But the four girls knew for sure, is that things were looking up for them in the future.

Recently they are now in their late 16’s and trust each other with their lives and somewhat officially married in a way.

But as of current, they somehow got spliced into the many forests of Schatten-3 in the middle of a three way battle consisting of them, a band of 20 heavily armed bandits, numerous mutants ranging from a large pack of Snorks and Bloodsuckers which is rare, a small pack of Psuedodogs and wild dogs and a fucking Pesudogiant along with a Chimera! Such is the life of a Stalker.