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The Blazing Umbra Station is a Space Dock Class Station operated by Solas Tempus facility orbiting Shatten III in the Schatten Star System. The facility's location is kept largely secret from the general public, though it is not in an of itself classified. The star system it resides it makes it an excellent research and development facility, though recently the Action Arm of Solas Tempus due to the effects of subspace anomalies within the system with some surprising and largely unexplained effects.

Docking Arrangement

Docking wings are designated, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma.

Each docking wing then designates it's shuttle bays as 1 through 6 and its docking slips are designated as 1 through 12. Docking slips used by Capital size vessels will make the adjacent slip unavailable to smaller craft. Thus if Slip 1 is in use, then Slip 2 will be unusable. Similarly if Slip 4 is in use by a capital ship, then Slip 5 will be unusable but Slip 3 is usable.


Standard protocol holds that incoming / unknown vessels (new arrivals) being brought into space dock are brought into Wing Beta for security purposes. Solas Tempus contractors, officers, and crew are abel to use the facilities at Wing Alpha.

  • Alpha
Primary docking facility for Solas Tempus vessels, also colloquially called the VIP Area. No vessels or personnel are allowed in Docking Wing Alpha without express authorization.
Bay 1 is used by Solas Tempus special craft. This includes specialized vessels which are on contract and have access to the station but also personal ships used by flag officers and other officials.
Bays 2 - 4 are used for authorized Solas Tempus vessels only.
Bay 5 operates as a maintenance and preparation bay for the 3rd Orion Wing.
Bay 6 is used by the 3rd Orion Wing exclusively.
  • Beta
Primary docking facility for specialized commercial vessels.
Specialized commercial vessels are designated for their important goods and services being transported.
Bays 1, 2, and 3 are high security bays for commercial non-military use (sensitive cargo).
Bays 4, 5, and 6 are for low security commercial non-military use (standard cargo).
  • Delta
Civilian transport facility, used for docking and transporting of civilian personnel, ships, goods, and services. This is the general used docking facility for most non-military activity.
Bay 1 is generalized use for those with personal vessels that are not contracted through Solas Tempus.
Bays 2 and 3 are used for general personnel transport, ferrying people to-from undocked vessels, Nysa Facility / Umbral Shipyards, or through the Jump Gate.
Bays 4, 5, and 6 are set aside for high security civilian use.
  • Gamma
Docking slips in this section are used for major repair and overhaul of starships, vessels docking in this part of the facility are usually damaged or being refit.
Shuttle bays focus on transport of industrial supplies for refit and repair as well as ferrying engineering personnel (Green Team).


The basic design does not include facilities for temporal operations. As such 2 of the Matter/Antimatter reactors were replaced with 2 Temporal Cores. The Primary unit is slightly larger and kept in continuous operation providing power to the stations Temporal Shield grid to protect against alterations in the timeline. The secondary unit is kept inactive unless the primary unit fails, as there is insufficient power to operate both units simultaneously.

Recreation Module

The recreation module synchronizes its simulated day length with that of Nysa Facility providing an artificial day and night cycle to match the simulated day/night inside the facility on the planet. Additionally, the computer projects a holographic image of the goings on outside the station during the simulated night cycle.


Characters marked with a * are NPC's

Command Crew

Commanding Officer 
Captain Neo Akazuli
Executing Officer 
Commander Kitara Yasei
Operations Officer 
Lt. Commander D'muk*
Chief of Engineering 
Lt. Commander Angela Benton*
Chief of Security 
Lt. Commander Mike-037
Chief Tactical Officer 
Lt. Commander Argasun Qorchi
Chief Medical Officer 
Doctor Aytise Alshat
Lead Intelligence Officer 
Captain Lee Armstrong Finnegan

Quartermaster's Office

  • Lt. Alec Drummond*

Engineering Crew

Computer Specialists

Medical Staff

Station Policy

This is not a comprehensive list of policies aboard the station, they are the most notable policies.

  • Civility must be maintained, assaults, threats of violence, murder, and the like are prohibited.
  • There shall be no violations of private property or privacy unless such has been authorized by the stations command personnel.
    • Theft shall not be tolerated aboard the station and the stations command may press charges even if the victim does not wish to.
    • Civilian weapons should be kept secure while not in use, either on ones person or within ones quarters / the station armory.
    • Personnel using the station armory for weapons storage, will have access to the armory granted.
    • The stations armory is not to be treated as a general use weapons locker, unless otherwise authorized no person may remove weapons or other gear from the armory unless it belongs specifically to them.
  • At the discretion of the stations command, occupants of the station may be asked to relinquish their weapons.
    • New occupants to the station whose background cannot be checked will be asked to temporarily relinquish their weapons.
    • Weapons relinquished will be placed in the station armory, but not for public use but for storage and study.
    • After weapons have been analyzed for capabilities and potential threats, they can be returned to their original owner.
  • Orders of the enlisted personnel should be followed by the civilian population, complaints about such orders and directives should be directed either toward the department head of the station personnel involved or toward one of the command crew starting with the Operations Officer.


The station's origin is largely unknown. Explorations by the USS Genesis found the station, completely intact, in the uninhabited star system. The systems anomalies make extremely difficult to travel too and from, so the station's existence was paradoxical. Further more, the station was already configured with an inactive, but completely functional, HAL 9000 hub. The power systems on the station were also completely depleted. Once restored the station's markings were of a Solas Tempus facility with the name of Blazing Umbra Station. The origin of this has long puzzled Solas Tempus officials and has been classified top secret by the Admiralty.

The final puzzle, however, is perhaps the largest. The HAL 9000 hub lists its installation date as over 1 billion years ago, which is quite frankly absurd. This was, however, confirmed by quantum signature dating of the station itself showing the station was in a temporal containment field for around that same amount of time which could very well be what drained the stations power systems as a field of that magnitude would be difficult to sustain for that long. Since the temporal containment field was in use during the time, more traditional means of data (carbon dating, potassium dating, or radiological analysis) are not available to use. These dating methods show that the station was released from its temporal field just a matter of days prior to the USS Genesis first discovering the station. Which would seem to indicate that power failed around that time.


The cover story that the station was purchased in pieces and assembled over the course of 2 years before being brought online remains accepted and intact. Research into the stations past is restricted.