Bone Nebula

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The nebula is full of heavy metal / crystalline gaseous compounds and exotic radioactive materials. At the center of the nebula is a Class M9V star called Ossum, which radiated strong gamma and x-ray emissions in all directions. The emissions refact of of the gas cloud causing endless sensor ghosts and shadows inside the nebula. Most sensor signals from outside the nebula are reflected back onto the source making scans of the interior nearly impossible. Surrounding the nebula are several asteroids ranging from the size of a dwarf planet to smaller asteroids. Ossum has an unusually strong gravitational field.

Clear Zone

The nebular cloud surrounds the central star out to about 12 AU's from the star leaving an clear inner zone of around 6 AU away from the star. This area is free of the dust cloud but still exposed to high amounts of ionizing radiation. The this inner free zone is caused by the nebular gases being pushed away by the solar winds and that being balanced out with the gravitational pull.

There are a number of small dwarf planets orbiting Ossum within the clear zone. None support life natively though some have been home to colony domes with strong shielding owned by a private company. All records indicate the facilities are abandoned now. Occipital Station was constructed within the clear zone of the nebula by the same company which attempted to colonize the dwarf planets. Though all records indicate the site should be abandoned starting in 2385 sensor logs suggest there may be some activity in or around the nebula. Also within the clear zone are two other stations, though their presence is not public knowledge. Lunate Station and Talus Station are defensive stations which protect the sector as well as manage small craft combat operations outside the system.

Public Knowledge

As far as public knowledge goes, the nebula is abandoned and there should be no activity there. Recent long range sensor scans have detected that activity may be going on but due to the difficulty scanning the nebula it is not certain. Only a person with direct knowledge of such scans would have any knowledge of such activities. Suspicions are not recorded in any reports other than some energy anomalies detected in and around the nebula. If a person were to dig deeply they could piece together that ships have vanished in the vicinity of the nebula but there is nothing concrete.