NVV Irvyn (NT-1128)

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Ironclad frigate by yau88hse-d3l8zlb.jpg
NVV Irvyn (NT-1128)
Class: Arukenik class ship
Affiliation: Navarok Kuevoriveiko
Quote: "The flames of hatred scorch the galaxy, igniting Mikriteralko's funeral pyre"

Ilundua ship known as the N.V.V. Irvyn. It is named after the Barony it used to serve, the Barony of Irvyn. Now it serves the Navarok Republic. The Arukenik class gunship is a holdover from the Imperial-Colonial era of the Navarok. The design has not been changed much in thousands of years until recently.

240m x 100m x 80m
Crew Capacity 
283 Maximum Capacity
Power Sources 
Class 4 Darelikatxik dark matter reactor
Matter/Antimatter Reactor (backup)
TQ repulsion engine
Bidaia Configuration FTL
6 200mm Mass Drivers
5 phaser arrays
2 photon torpedo tubes
Defensive Systems 
Elidurako cloaking system
Deflector Shield (backup)