CFS Irvyn (HC-1128)

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CFS Irvyn (HC-1128)
Class: Dwend Gunboat
Affiliation: Dwend Confederation
Commanding Officer: Clancy Holmwood
Executive Officer: Ethan Ryers

Dwend Gunboat known as the C.F.S. Irvyn. It is about 140 meter long by 30 meters wide and 70 meters tall. Dwend warships are rated by the amount of guns the ship has, a Corvette has 33 guns. Electromagnetic cannons are used as the main armament of the ships. They take a similar amount of time to reload and recharge the capacitors as it takes a breech loaded cannon to reload. Although they are rail cannons in their use and function the fact that they are chimeric machines means they also deal magical damage. This means that it can serve to damage magical creatures and constructs as well as physical creatures and constructs. The cannons are 400mm in caliber but do not fire explosive rounds. Instead they fire two types of shells. The first type are lead rounds that use the kinetic energy of the round to cause damage. The second type is an armor penetrating round a mythril core surrounded by lead for extra mass. The muzzle velocity of the shells is 99% lightspeed and have an effective range of 10 AU.

The Irvyn Has a crew of 283 with living quarters, storage spaces, a medical bay, communications room, and a powercore. The powercore of the ship is a giant enchanted sphere that produces out electrical and magical energy from dark matter. The electrical energy powers most of the ships systems but the magical energy is for the Dwendes to use for their magical effects. Additionally the crew is armed by plasma guns. The Hieronymus Drive is the FTL drive used by the ships of the Dwend Confederacy. The H drive uses ancient re purposed magic to create a wormhole for use in FTL travel. By using this the ship is able to achieve faster than light travel. The beneficial side effect is that only Dwend and enchanted others can use this method of travel. Because of the arcane nature of the drive there is a chance that when the coordinates are inputted incorrectly it could lead to the ship into a celestial object or even leave it in another galaxy. The process takes around an hour to complete. This means that multiple consecutive jumps are impossible for such a drive. When the drive is activated a tear in space appears before the ship then a swirling vortex of multicolored light draws it in. The vortex is described as a rainbow bridge by outside observers.

Dwend use molecular computers to do most of their computational needs, the computers however are not based on electricity but on mechanical components. Despite this these atomic scale analytical engines are capable of the advanced computational work needed to safely navigate a ship through three dimensions and for the automatic defense turrets.The Dwend use special radios on their ships to communicate across the vast distance of space. Using a similar process as what they have for FTL they are able to extend their broadcast range far beyond what the speed of light would allow. The final and most interesting thing about Dwend ships is that their ships are not airtight. A byproduct of the H drive is a distortion of reality that allows a bubble of breathable air to form around the ship regardless of conditions. Only when the core is destroyed does this bubble collapse.

Security Forces

  • One platoon of Royal Marines