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Characters that have possibly been abandoned or are no longer updated / in use for another reason. This differs from the Missing or Dead Category because the characters here don't have any formal ending and were left with an uncertain future. Here we include characters whose players are no longer available to play them, this includes players who have left or been banned for some reason.

Gone Home

Ostensively characters in this category who entered the universe via a Splice can be considered to have gone home by the same method. Characters whose players entered this universe by some other means without properly stating how they left can have a wider interpretation of what happened to them. In the case of banned players or when some other staff related action leads to a character being abandoned, the character is not killed but said to have somehow gone back to their point of origin - be it within the Solas Tempus universe or back to a universe of origin.

Players Property

Character are largely considered to be the property of the player. The existence of characters here is not to be seen as an invitation to play or NPC these characters unless a staff member approves of it. Playing the character of someone else without express permission constitutes a disrespectful act and is thus against the rules. Even if a player is no longer here it is considered to be disrespectful to play their character without permission. Even with permission, this is heavily discouraged and requires approval by a staff member.

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