Charlotte Lewis

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Charlotte Lewis
Charlotte Lewis
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'5"
Gender: Female
Race: AI
Date of Creation: August 9th, 2381
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: CO of the STV Angel of Io
Temporal Operative
Rank / Skill Level: Captain
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Charlotte is difficult to get to know, she's a private woman who can often be tactless and sarcastic leaving many with a bit of a bad taste in their mouth. She's resilient and self-assured but rather closed to making new friends leaving an image of someone who is callous. She prefers to be in a small group if she's going to open up to anyone, once in a comfortable environment she can be carefree and honest with those around her. Professionally she's creative and her attitude tends to be very goal oriented to the point of being hyper-focused on her job or mission. In her off hours she tends to be contemplative and prefers to think and consider the world around her, sorting through and making sense of recent experiences.

Her introverted style of making sense of the world give many the idea that she holds herself higher than others, putting so much effort into understanding things and considering implications give her the added attribute of often being right about her speculations. As a Temporal Operative this comes in very handy and professionally she is often lauded for her ability to make sense of difficult situations. Personally is a different story, she's just hard to get to know and has learned to keep her sarcastic wit to herself.

Special Abilities

Charlotte is a Master Systems AI equipped with a Multinodal Core and has 3 distinct forms giving the ability to move seamlessly between them at will.

She prefers to use her Android body when possible.

Special Skills

  • Stealth
  • Computer Programming
  • Hacking
  • Engineering
  • Temporal Operations
  • Starship Operations
  • Command

Android / XIA Bodies

While she spends most of her time as a hologram and has a mobile emitter she also has two physical forms which can accept her program. The android body is a Mark I Humanoid Android Body. The XIA body is the Engineering Variant, though she seldom uses the XIA body without a specific purpose. She is known to use the android body from time to time, especially during missions. The nature of being a the captain of a starship is dangerous and one can never quite predict when they'll need something independent of the ships holographic systems.

Mobile Emitter

In addition to her physical bodies she also has a mobile holographic emitter which has a direct data-uplink via subspace to both her android and XIA bodies. This allows her to fluidly transmit herself to one of the two bodies if needed, the built in transporter nodes within each body also allow her to summon the body before transfering into the body.


Charlotte was an AI created experimentally by a privately funded think tank outside Federation space. They had plans to sell her program to the highest bidder as an analytical tool. When the group succeeded in creating a sentient AI they found it difficult to work with her without telling her more about what they were doing. In her early days of being sentient she was inquisitive and curious, often learning the kind of interpersonal relations that the team had with each other. Given that the team was largely made of misfits and loners she didn't really learn how to interact with people all that well except when it came to a task or a job at hand.

She has gained a distrust of people over the years, first with the think tank that created her when she found out they planned to sell her. When she objected the team had a serious disagreement about the moral implications of selling her, she did not want to be sold. There was a lot of talk about shutting her program down and wiping her memory. This horrified her, to her it was like they were going to murder. That is all an AI was to her, memories. Even though the side in her favor won the day and they decided to allow her to not be sold, she had lost a taste for being there. She escaped and went into hiding, designing a holographic template to blend in to various places.

Eventually she constructed for herself a holographic template and acquired the means to build a mobile emitter. Over several years she used various resources (both legal and illegal) to have the device constructed. With the mobile emitter she could go where she wanted, eventually ending up on Markab Prime. Charlotte was already a member of Solas Tempus when the ALFRE act was passed in 2384. With a more clear legal status, the organization granted her command of the STV Angel of Io in 2385.