Clovis Amond

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Clovis Amond
Clovis Amond
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Male
Race: AI
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Date of Creation: May 3rd, 2377
Place of Creation: Antos IV
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Figure: Strong and muscular, usually has a sardonic grin, pointed ears.
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI on STV Sapphire Hornet
Rank / Skill Level: Lieutenant
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Clovis is a thrill-seeker and prides himself on being self-sufficient. He is honourable to his core with the conviction to be a good friend and a good person. Even though he is well-mannered he is quick to anger and wears his ambition a little too close to the surface for the taste of some. He lives as close to the edge as he can preferring to have every moment be as much of an adventure as possible. Being somewhat of a vain person he enjoys being admired, something that has driven him to do daring things that border on the stupid. He's observant and calculating with a wild and rebellious streak a mile wide. He has a definite a flare for the dramatic due to his love of theater. He considered himself a bit of an artist and particularly enjoys the stage.

Professionally Clovis has a striking charisma to draw people into following him in the tradition of ancient bards. He is prone to impassioned speeches in moments of crisis. Once the spotlight is on him as a commander, he performs the role in the truest sense of the word. He takes on the air of a caricature of himself with pure intent and a fevered passion. He truly enjoys when the crisis is at hand and it is his moment in the spotlight to lead his people to victory, even if it costs him his life. Clovis will accept nothing less of himself.

Special Skills

  • Public Speaking
  • Theater / Acting
  • Command Training
  • Tactical Officer (Energy Weapons Specialist)
  • Advanced Combat Piloting (Evasion / Stealth Specialist)

Special Abilities

Clovis is a Master Systems AI equipped with a Multinodal Core and has 3 distinct forms giving the ability to move seamlessly between them at will.


Clovis and his brother Jules Bordel were created on the planet Antos IV as part of their research into neural networks mimicking the human brain. The pair of AI's were created virtually to learn off each other as they developed. The experiment was based on the idea that AI's could be created as a pair rather than singularly and their pathways could be allowed to develop in both concert and opposition to each other. The research project overall was a failure, the QUINN AI's that were developed this way did not see significant improvement in pathway development or capabilities vs counterparts that were created individually. All of the AI's in the experiment did develop fully into sentience.

Much like the cohorts in the research project Jules and Clovis developed a strong emotional attachment to each other just as brothers would. They behave and act in many of the same ways as biological brothers raised together do. This is consistent with other AI's created in the same way. Clovis and his affinity for adventure and drama set the tone between the pair. He would pull his brother from one adventure to another, some were virtual and some were physical where they would run off from the research facility into other computer systems. He enjoys the stability brought by Jules and his careful and considered approach to things, though he also delights in rushing off before Jules has a chance to think. Clovis has tempered some of his adventuring spirit in his rapid ascent to a more adult frame of mind, something he credits Jules for fostering in him.

As brothers they are often almost polar opposites separately. When they are together they almost become a singular entity and play off of each other and borrowing traits which seem to be shared only then. In this way they both joined Solas Tempus at the same time and applied to join the academy. Sponsored by Damien Smith each enjoyed their time at the academy. After graduation they served aboard several ships separately. When the opportunity came about they applied to become each become an MSAI. For Clovis he wished to put himself in a position to have some real adventure, the combat oriented scout ship STV Sapphire Hornet appealed to him the most out of several choices. Eventually he wishes to be a Captain and command his own ship. The Sapphire Hornet will be either a stepping stone or perhaps even his first command.