Department of Protection and Investigation

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Formed by the esteemed Serenity Concord Senate's authorization under the Civic Protection and Preservation Act in August of 2381, the Department of Protection and Investigation (DPI) stands as the paramount investigative authority within the Serenity Concord. Charged with upholding the principles of justice and safeguarding the well-being of Concord citizens, the DPI is entrusted with the crucial task of investigating and diligently prosecuting criminal activities transpiring within Concord-controlled territories in the civilian sector.

Committed to preserving the integrity of the legal system, the DPI operates with a dual focus on upholding both the spirit and the letter of the laws established by the Serenity Concord. To achieve this mandate, the department consists of various specialized divisions and departments, working in harmony to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to law enforcement and justice.


Investigations Division
This division serves as the investigative backbone of the DPI, responsible for conducting thorough inquiries into reported criminal acts. Its highly skilled agents employ a diverse range of forensic techniques, technological expertise, and meticulous analysis to uncover evidence and gather intelligence, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of truth and justice.
Legal Affairs Division
The Legal Affairs Division plays a pivotal role in the DPI's operations, providing legal guidance, interpretation, and support throughout the investigation and prosecution processes. Composed of adept legal professionals well-versed in the intricacies of Concord law, this division ensures that all actions taken by the DPI adhere to the established legal frameworks and stand strong against any potential challenges.
Intelligence and Analysis Unit
Armed with state-of-the-art surveillance technology and an extensive network of informants, the Intelligence and Analysis Unit gathers and analyzes intelligence to identify emerging criminal trends, organizations, and threats to the Serenity Concord. This unit collaborates closely with other domestic and international intelligence agencies to exchange information and coordinate efforts in combating transnational criminal activities.
Enforcement and Apprehension Team
The Enforcement and Apprehension Team, also known as EAT, consists of highly trained field agents who are responsible for executing arrests, carrying out search warrants, and ensuring the safe custody of suspects. Equipped with specialized tactics and advanced equipment, these agents work in tandem with the investigations division, swiftly and skillfully apprehending individuals involved in criminal activities.
Child Protection and Family Services Department
Recognizing the unique vulnerability of children and the importance of their well-being, the DPI has established a dedicated department specializing in child protection, relocation, and representation. This department's primary mission is to safeguard the rights and safety of children within the Serenity Concord. Their responsibilities include investigating cases of child abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, coordinating with social services for child welfare and placement, and providing legal representation for children involved in judicial proceedings. The department works closely with local authorities, child advocacy organizations, and relevant stakeholders to ensure that children receive the protection, care, and support they deserve.

In all its endeavors, the DPI is dedicated to maintaining the delicate balance between preserving the spirit of the laws and upholding their precise letter. Recognizing the importance of a just and equitable society, the department remains vigilant in its pursuit of criminal justice, ensuring that those who transgress the boundaries of the law face the consequences of their actions, thus upholding the principles and values upon which the Serenity Concord was built.