Drem Confoscho

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Drem Thomas
Drem - Bob cut - New - After Maturity.jpg
Drem Thomas
Played by: User:Thatotakugalaxy
Alias: Drem Confoscho (Maiden Name)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 100 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 34 physically, 30 Chronologically
Date of Birth: 2352
Place of Birth: USS Rising Sun
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black, Red
Figure: Tall, Thin thighs. scars across arms.
Universe of Origin: Blazing Umbra
Organization: Vident Obscura
Occupation: Former Security Officer
Obscura Agent
Rank / Skill Level: Captain
Approved By: User:Cyclops
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Blazing Umbra

"Don’t you think that if you keep lying, eventually no one, not even yourself, will be able to believe your own words?" -Drem Confoscho

Drem is a very clumsy, yet fun girl. She changes very fast and can adapt to situations very well. Her weakness is the fact that she is very prone to trouble, almost like a magnet toward trouble. This causes her to feel very bad, and loathe those who are able to keep themselves out of trouble so well. Still, she's an amazing captain and can run a crew very well, although first looks at her may think different. She's a beautiful singer and has learned to open to the world much more than she used to. She holds a notebook on her, which hold's her notes to self, and many other things. In her spare time, she likes to write, along with help the nimbus performers with their work as a small side hobby. She is currently married to Lance thomas.


Special Skills

Skills acquired from Solas Tempus


Drem has extremely heightened senses, due to the number of energies circulating in her body.


Drem was born with photographic memory.


While it's not her main subject, drem is quite good with computer and tech.


Drem is an amazing pilot, but due to the way her body has been contorted over the years, she is no longer as good as she was when she first piloted.


Drem has a knack for coding and often helps out when it's needed.

Prosthetics/Cybernetics/Artificial Limbs

Gained at age 14, when an accident caused drem's right eye to be stabbed out.

  • Artificial Legs

Both of drem's legs, Up to Mid-Thigh, had to be replaced when they were blown off in an explosion on her five-year mission.

  • Artificial Torso/Chest

Drem's left side of her neck was replaced, in order to save her left arm from having to be taken off during her Five-year mission.

  • Artificial Arms

Right Arm was replaced on her third mission When she was dueling and had her arm sliced off.

Special Abilities


The first 4 months drem arrived back at the station, she gained the ability of Kira. The Ability allows her to stop others in time, for a certain amount of time. When being used, Small black dots begin to appear over the skin, almost like paint splatters. Its a clear sight of the Kira being used. The backlash of this is that slowly it corrupts a user's energy, and body, shriveling it to dust. Once its used for the first time, It cannot be stopped, unless a solar crystal blocks it. In this case, using the Kira now only drains drem's body, but doesn't permanently damage it. The Kira, like normal energy, is passed on when the user dies. Many people try to kill the Kira users due to the fact that they could have powers for themselves. But most have backed away, due to the protection of drem confoscho, and her now growing power. The Kira can control the energy of an object that it pierces by halting the flow of energy in the target's body, it can stop the object or person energy right at the moment, but keeps things around Perfectly normal, it can cause things like organ failure, but it can also resume the flow of energy.


Drem confoscho found a small artifact after waking up in her quarters with Lance. The artifact banged on the window, and so they beamed it inside. Still exhausted, she accidentally touched it, and her body was transformed. The abilities of this form include the ability to create illusions for one person, up to hundreds if needed. Along with illusions, if she takes a large wound in battle, she can transform to temporarily stop the wound, until she untransforms. If she was shot and stayed in this form for a week, she'd go into a long coma, but her wound would be healed due to the healing properties it possesses. Her skin also turns to a more rough, latex-like rubber. Her armor and uniform cannot come off unless she is in a state similar to being drunk, and being drunk. The downside of this ability is that transforming leaves triple time on a coma she may take, as drem's body is not strong enough to hold the form for long. Example: Being in magical girl form for 5 hours means a 15-40 hour sleep for her body to regain strength. Over time, her body will grow strong enough to minimize that time.


Oceans resonance is a power very dangerous. When retrieving the Dansai artifact, Drem confoscho was subconsciously cursed by this artifact. Over time, small scars began to circle around her arms. Only recently, as she realized that the dansai caused this. Drem has researched and come to these facts. The Dansai acts as an energy source for the body. Going into water sends energy levels to a rushing point. But, drem has come to realize that this is an extremely dangerous artifact, as going too long without swimming in water leads to her being pissy, Tired, and grumpy. Frankly, a completely different drem. At the current moment, nothing much is known about the artifact.


Drem confoscho was the oldest daughter of two officers on the USS Rising Sun, Both very lovely, and kind. She had a younger sister, who died at Age 3, due to disease. When her mother was pregnant with her, they had to put the mother on heavy amounts of antibiotics. Due to this, when Drem was born she was very immune to antibotics and medications. Drem was best friends with a girl named Axelia Faren, Who was her training partner and best friend, Axelia was found on a mission and taken in temporarily until new parents could be found. Unfortunately, none could be found, so she was legally adopted by them. She, unfortunately, disappeared one day around the age of 17-18.

Fast forward three years and Drem herself is now an officer. But one day, as she is doing patrols, she disappeared. she was in her ship checking for any damage when her ship suddenly spliced three years into the future. She managed to see her old friends she loved once again and those who saw her as dead. She spent her days working and getting back into the new feel of things. About a month into being back, Rero Lillian died, sending her Kira powers to Drem confoscho.

Drem confoscho, now cursed with the Kira, was extremely anxious, due to this power. Right before she died from Kira's destructive reign, Sal D'Amico And Lance thomas had managed to save her, and She managed to seal the Kira away, for now...

it took many months to master Kira's power, and many sleepless nights worried it could get out of control again.

Drem confoscho Was given the USS Nirvash, her first ship, and her title of captain. For many months, she cherished her crew and her ship. It was around this time that Drem and lance began a relationship, nothing crazy, but a definite change from the normal friendship they held over the years.

She was sent on a mission, which was to restore a realm's time and space. This ended up taking five years in her time, and when she came back, both of drem's legs up to the mid-thigh, her right arm, and part of her neck were prosthetic pieces. Luckily they were covered by skin plates, which made it look much more realistic, to the point nobody even noticed it was artificial. Drem confoscho in history was five years behind her true age.

Drem confoscho was then killed when the USS Nirvash caught a large fire, and the systems went down. Drem confoscho manually launched every single pod out into space for her crew, but due to having to launch from outside, and the ships barriers interfering, they could not beam her out. Drem confoscho's burnt body managed to beam out before the ship exploded, but drem confoscho was already dead.

Fast-Forward a little bit of time, Drem's friends had begun to get over grief, when a splice appeared on soteria, and dropped drem confoscho out, from another universe. Drem confoscho was the same, except in her universe, Lance had died on a ship fire, instead of her. Drem and lance reunited, and more in love than before. In Drem's universe, She was not treated normally after she screwed up on a mission, instantly, everyone began to ignore her and her idea's. The only lance could be gone too, and he could help her, they slowly formed a relationship, until lance would die in a ship malfunction like the drem of This universe did. Due to these things, Drem is much quieter and different than the old, being able to comprehend and take the bullet, something old would not want to do. She protects those she holds close to her, even those she can't stand. She doesn't want to lose them, People who finally understood her and were kind, caring.

Drem slowly began to become more normal again, until an incident with the artifact she was studying for obscura began to change some things after she retrieves it. She began to notice a line forming from the sides of her chin, slowly moving down to her elbows. For now, she covered this up with concealer. If one looked closely, they could see the very slight color difference, but it was never visible. She and lance went on a mission together, to retrieve an artifact underground, under the ocean. This mission entailed saving the artifact 'Oceans Resonance' Or, The Dansai for short. (More information on Dansai page.)

Drem confoscho was chatting one day with flask, when Lance came into the finnegan's tavern and noticed her. He thought she was cheating, and instantly there, left. Drem's new jobs and duties caused her to be working extremely hard and overnight, so she never had too much time for her lover, as much as she wanted to spend with him. Over the next three years, Drem confoscho and Lance thomas Rarely spoke, and Drem confoscho thought he didn't love her anymore, so he moved on. She avoided him out of anxiety, and He avoided her due to thinking she cheated. Finally, Drem gave in and talked to him about it. Eventually, they made up and started dating again, slowly sinking deep into a relationship with each other. She's taken into the realization that these strange markings on her arms have completely gone down to her middle fingertip. They do not bother her, though, she does tend to worry about what they may mean. She has yet to go to the sickbay about them.

On March 1st, Lance thomas proposed to drem confoscho, And Happily, She said the magic words of.. 'Yes'.

Drem confoscho owns a Pet snake, Who resides on the USS Drakon, Her new ship.