Eliana Ilos

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Eliana Ilos
Eliana Ilos
Height: 15cm
Gender: Female
Race: AI
Date of Creation: August 12th, 2383
Place of Creation: Nimbus Station
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Pink
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI for STV Osiria Rose
PA to Amber Cross
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: NPC
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Eliana is a sweet person, always trying to be courteous in her dealings with others even with those she doesn't care for. She can be provocative, and not always in a good way, often flying off with the tendency to behave in an unstable way when she becomes upset or distraught. Even when it appears she's not behaving rationally, often she's moving quickly through her ideas and emotions display a wide array of both very quickly with her heart on her sleeve. She's incredibly perceptive and innovative, thinking up strange and creative solutions to even mundane problems with a sprinkling of being daring enough to push forward and try to bring her creative ideas to light. This can make her seem very demanding, when in truth, she has a thirst to put her ideas to the test.

Interpersonally she's a dynamic person that changes her attitudes and responses fluidly, hating to get bogged down in a single train of thought though it still can happen. When working she contains herself well, focusing her ideas on what she is doing through a drive to never stop moving. She is always doing something, she has to, like a shark swimming in the ocean she hates to go backward and does not enjoy sitting and waiting when something could be done - even if it's wrong.


  • Command Training
  • Piloting; Small Space Vessels
  • Camouflage and Concealment Specialist
  • Use of Decoys and Distractions
  • Vocal Stress Processing
  • Detection of Non-Verbal Cues
  • Expert in Applied Holography



She is one of the most latest of her kind to be constructed, finally breaking from tradition and naming herself something different breaking away from an adopted surname of her race. She soaked up all the information she could on her talents making her a very quick study. Her flare for the dramatic caught the eye of Commander Amber Cross who requested Eliana to be assigned to her as her assistant. The pair get along famously though it is clear they may egg each other on a little too much.

As a personal assistant to Amber Cross, Eliana was typically quite happy as a personal assistant. As Amber got into more command duties and had to pass more onto Eliana to assist with, Eliana decided to pursue a command role. In 2386 Eliana graduated from command school and was accepted into the MSAI program. By October of 2386 she was granted a command position on Amber's personal newly minted personal vessel as the ships MSAI.