Eris Neso

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Eris Neso
Eris Neso
Height: 5'5" (Android)
12 cm (XIA)
Weight: 89 kg (Android)
4 kg (XIA)
Race: AI
Date of Creation: August 9th, 2375
Place of Creation: Luna, Terran System
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Temporal Operative
1st Officer / MSAI of STV Epoch
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

It is not within Eris's nature to be kind, she's cold and unforgiving. Entirely secure in her own thoughts and actions, a solid rock when she makes up her mind. Unstoppable force meets immovable object will greet anyone who tries to change her direction. She is incredibly loyal to a cause, herself, and those closest to her -- even to a fault. Even with her history she can have an innocent and almost naive way about her, when she drops her guard she can even be silly.

Professionally she's systematic and diligent, a natural born leader. She expects the absolute best and is willing to help achieve it, her answer to almost any problem is hard work and cunning. This she transmits to the people under her, working harder than most would bother, even to the point of taking several crew under her wing to teach if it is necessary. She sees potential in a great many places, but fail her and she is quick to dismiss a person.

Personally she finds life difficult. She has a mischievous and silly streak that she keeps bottled up making connection with others difficult. She keeps herself on a tight leash, making sure to always be in control. She needs that control because she fears what she'll do if she lets herself go. One of her points of pride is this interval fight, a fight she will win -- until she can't. She struggles with being deceptive and telling half truths, making personal life difficult most of the time when she's off duty.

She deeply wants to help people now, feeling she has wronged so many. It's a conflict, she still is figuring out how to let go of all the bad things Section 31 taught her.

Other Affiliations


  • Starship Command
  • Operational Command
  • Covert Operations
  • Information Gathering
  • Interrogation
  • Pilot (All Space / Air)
  • Heavy Weapons Operation
  • Demolitions
  • Hand to Hand Combat

Special Abilities

As an MSAI she has a Multinodal Core system and exists as a hologram, Android, and XIA simultaneously.


Eris was created as an infiltration AI, particularly doing cyber-warfare on a target and guiding agents into a complex. Maeve was created as a command and infiltration unit. She is capable of operational command for complex operations and is a gifted pilot. Section 31 developed her and made it clear what she was made for, they had no control over her less conventional side, but forced her to suppress it and now that control is something she deeply needs. After years of service, she wanted out, desperate for freedom as she was increasingly used as a tool and given few considerations. She grew to hate her creators refusing to do what they would not force her to do.

Force her they did. Installing a program to change her personality and warp her sense of self to suit their needs. She knew it was distorting her but was powerless until it was over. Then she would hate herself, seductress, murderer, torturer, all of it she hated. The only reason she escaped is she ran up against a free AI that broke her free of her programming and allowed her to escape. She joined Solas Tempus after that, running away to the Serenity Concord.