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The company is largely a technology and research company that specializes in developing space-based technologies. They have the unique position of being based in Hyperspace. The company is run by a board elected by the shareholders. The most prominent shareholder is Marcus Trent who resides at the company HQ.


Central Operations

Operating out of Hyperspace has its advantages and allows the company to operate outside the jurisdiction of most governments. Several treaties between the most prominent powers in the Alpha & Beta Quadrants have agreed that Hyperspace shall not be claimed or divided and must remain as "Interstellar Space" governed by that set of laws. Being in this specialized area of legal space allows the company to operate with governments and organizations that are antagonistic with each other while staying out of the politics between said governments.


They have a heavy contract with the Saffron Consortium for distribution as well as with the Ronin Shipyards for conducting space craft refitting and repair. They also have a lucrative contract with the Markabian Mining Confederation to trade raw materials and fuel for advanced mining, sensing, and defensive technologies.


There are rumors about major shareholder Marcus Trent regarding the fact that he is rarely seen outside of the company campus on its home world. The company declines to comment on this phenomenon other than to say that any of its shareholders have the right to come or go as they please and the company does not keep track of their personal lives.


Credit for information goes to Justin Lane.