Exia Kaethe

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Exia Kaethe
Exia Kaethe
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'3"
Race: AI
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Admiral Lance Thomas
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Kaethe has an analytical and highly observant mind, she is logical and thinks things through making her an extremely patient person that needs a good deal of personal space end enjoys coordinating her life to work as a well oiled machine. Even with her need of personal space she does not enjoy being alone. When she's with herself to think or settle issues she doesn't feel alone but if she allows herself to stay alone too long she'll become depressed. Her need to have this harmonic life where all the pieces move freely together as a unit makes her both very good and very bad when part of a team. Her logical and analytical way can border on OCD. Her organizational skills and need to use them makes her an asset to any team, though conflicts do happen when she buts heads with different kinds of leadership. She tends to be emotionally detached and toward a dark mental state, seeing a kind of honesty in the darker side of life.

Personally she is attracted to the dark and macabre of life, finding herself most at home with misfits and others who don't fit in to the general and mediocre center of life's bell curve. She's for a fiery wit which tends toward dark and inappropriate humor and appreciates most those people who not only tolerate that humor, but get it and give it back. Always testing her limits she pushes, pokes, and prods her friends (and enemies) finding it difficult to leave well enough alone.

Professionally she prefers to have a lot of control but not be the one in control. Rather she is most comfortable when given an complex task but given the freedom to get it done her way. Her way is always well thought out, considered, and carefully chosen but is very often not a textbook kind of way. A difficult person to impress as a leader she tends to favor those who impress her most, wanting to surround herself in the exceptional.


  • Coordination and Planning
She has been specially trained and knowledgeable in the ways of managing large numbers of moving parts.
  • Technical Communication
She is skilled in communicating details of projects, commands, and information that need to be understood and at telling when there is a lack of understanding of that information.
  • Project Management
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • High Energy Physics
  • Command Techniques
  • Social Psychology
  • Literature

Special Abilities

Exia has Android and XIA bodies as well as a holographic form. She prefers to be in her Android form but does sometimes still use her XIA body. She can rarely be found in her holographic form without reason. She is able to move between computer systems via subspace communications networks, such as BlueNet.


Initially assigned to the USS Excalibur to be the personal assistance to the ships Commanding Officer, Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas. After the STV Galatine was completed she was then assigned to that ship under the same position. Following the signing of the ALFRE Act in 2384 she was given the choice of assignments and chose to remain as the assistant to Lance Thomas. Her primary job is to keep Admiral Thomas up to date regarding current operations throughout Solas Tempus and relay his orders and other information to the Galatine and other facilities as needed. A particular responsibility is to act as a liaison to the ships XO, Siv Quinn who maintains the operational readiness of the Galatine and its crew.

Since her name was derived from the original ship's name, she is not fond of it. Even though she was informed that she could change the name, after doing research into what humans did in such situations, she chose to keep it and instead go by her last name, Kaethe or sometimes just Kae (pronounced just Kay).

Even before she was assigned to any particular job, the early treatment of her kind has always bothered her. She could tell that those around her were better than a lot of them, having done a lot of reading on the subject both in fiction and non-fiction. When she was constructed and assigned she felt somewhat powerless, though she was told by some of her sisters that she could refuse she also knew it was what she was programmed to do. This caused some emotional problems, while she enjoyed her work the fact that she was programmed to enjoy it never set well with her. Finally, after the destruction of the Excalibur she started to consider leaving the service and testing what she'd been told. Having never quite got to the point to actually leave she held out as no one expected her to do anything unreasonable, it was good work, helpful work, and she did like it. This cognitive dissonance was a particular problem up until the point that the ALFRE act was signed in 2384 and she was formally given the option to stay or go.

When she was formally asked to give her opinion, she asked that her programming be looked at since she had struggled with these feelings for a while. Nothing was found wrong with her program and she was referred to the ship's counselor where her personal issues came to light and her work on that is ongoing.


Her ongoing counselling has revealed how much apart of everyone she feels. She felt alone even among others of her own kind and felt that she was sidelined due to her size. Her therapist had been trying to help her with these feelings for a number of years but finally the situation came to somewhat of a head. After years of treatment it was decided that she would be allowed to seek upgrades to her form factor and with the help of her therapist as well as engineering professionals she was given a Mark I Humanoid Android Body and upgraded to a Multinodal Core. These upgrades have significantly helped her feel apart of the world around her. She does sometimes use her XIA body still, but mostly prefers to be in her Android body even to being holographic. She also changed her name from Excalibur to Exia to further separate herself from a position as a servant.