Fallen Star (ONX-129579)

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Fallen Star
Fallen Star (ONX-129579)
Class: Kestrel Class Starship
Affiliation: Onyx
Commanding Officer: Angelique Malumnus

The Fallen Star is a vessel built by The Order otherwise known as Onyx. Her Captain is a woman, Angeqlique Malumnus, a Duchess in the organization. The vessel is specially equipped to deal with problems for the Order. The ship's name is not well known but in the right kind of circles (generally where people know better than to look farther) it is whispered that the ship is one you do not want to see. Much like the organization it represents its existence is kept secret and anyone getting too close to proof of its existence is in danger of being eliminated.

As for the ship itself, it is modified heavily from its base design.


The phasing cloak is a Romulan prototype device, an entirely unique designed compared to the Solas Tempus design and the only device of its kind.
This is a modified TDE designed to work with the ships Gravitational Displacement Drive, and thus to work effectively the ship needs to be in a gravity well of a star or other massive stellar body.
  • Ablative Hull Armor
  • Holographic Hull Markings
To provide enhanced secrecy the ship is able to alter its own hull markings at will.