Federation of Magi

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There is a tightly bound group of magic users who are called the Federation of Magi, it is a rather modern organization, only in existence for about 400 years or so. The group attempts to manage and orchestrate the training of new magic users as well was push the boundaries of knowledge of magical energy.


The group is lead by a parliament of magic users. These members of parliament are either selected or elected by the leadership of each countries magical community, the selection is still contentious though because of the fact that the organization is so young and the magical community is resistant to change. When there is a transfer of power in any community there is traditionally a good deal of confusion as to what will happen in the parliament.

The head of the parliament is the prime minister, this too is contentious because it used to be that large swaths of territory was overseen by Kings and Queens of the magical community. Democracy in the overall organization of things has been slow in coming though is accepted for the most part in the modern day.