Finnegan's Tavern

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Finnegan's Bar was opened up almost as soon as the Blazing Umbra Station itself as made live. Started by a man, Captain Lee Armstrong Finnegan who was part of the initial deployment to the station. The lounge itself as already set up and configured for use and Finnegan has always had a streak of entrepreneurship in him and decided that the place needed a bar. Captain D'Amico agreed and would rather someone under his command should run the place. Besides, Finnegan was always a good listener and had been on a few missions as a bar owner in the past, it was a good fit.

After the destruction of Blazing Umbra Station in December of 2381, Finnegan relocated his establishment to Nimbus Station, it opened for business again in February of 2382.


The tavern itself is a rather small affair with a single bar at the back and booth seating toward the exterior with windows overlooking for artificial forest.

Operating Hours

The tavern operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always someone there in the kitchens and at the bar to assist patrons in relaxing and getting something good to eat.


The tavern has a strict no violence policy. Patrons who are caught being violent to each other will have security called or be just thrown out (after being asked to leave politely). Sleeping is also not permitted in the bar, there are ample quarters on the station or on the planet below, Finny gets rather testy if someone is found sleeping in the bar. As a general rule if you're asleep for more than an hour (or shorter if you just sleep, wake, drink, sleep, wake drink without ever leaving) then you'll either be transported to your room directly or be carried / escorted there by security.