Five of Ten

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Five of Ten
Anna Marks
Played by: User:Ks0908
Alias: Five of Ten Auxiliary Processor of Trimatrix 7545
Gender: Female
Race: Liberated Human Borg
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Deep Space 9
Figure: Slim
Universe of Origin: Blazing Umbra
Occupation: Former Borg Drone
Rank / Skill Level: Experienced
Category: 2
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Anna is determined and stubborn.

Special Skills

  • Increased Strength (2B)
  • Medical Knowledge (1B)
Memories from the connection to the collective
  • Engineering Knowledge (1A)
  • Sensor Implants (2A)
  • Communication Implant


Five of Ten, or also known as Anna Marks born on DS9 over Bajor. She spent most of her early years there before her parents finnaly set of to discover new places on their freighter "USS Concord". She growed up in space, in constant travel and exploring strange new words. Her father recived few Starfleet issue Tricoders from his friend for those travels.

When they arrived in system and started scanning planet their ship was suddenly hit by powerful energy beam knocking it down from orbit and crash landing on planet. Then borgs beamed down from cube, Anna parents fired at them killing two before they adapted and killed both of them, Anna meanwhile was attempting to run away from wreck as ordered by mother when she was captured and brought to cube for assimilation and became known under designation Five of Ten

Two days ago her cube encountered hostile ship that severely damaged it before being destroyed, only handful of crew survived. They captured passing by lost Runabout from federation starship, but rupture in one of conduits caused strong electrical discharge which damaged propulsion, life support and killed all borgs on board apart from Five of Ten, however her link to colective was severed in explosion which damaged one of her implants.