General Order 12

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No flag officer shall go into a potentially dangerous situation without armed escort. Should no escort be available the commanding officer on site should discourage the flag officer from proceeding until safety can be assured. If the flag officer is the commanding officer, they should take every opportunity to ensure their own safety before proceeding into an unknown situation even if this means delegating required objectives in such a way that they are not exposed to potential danger.

Section A

The commanding officer of any Solas Tempus vessel or facility is obligated to provide security for any flag officer on board their vessel or facility. The flag officer can decline such an offer only with a direct order and such an order should be noted in the ship's log by the commanding officer.

A commanding officer under their personal authority is permitted to override such an order if they deem a situation so dangerous that there is no other option, so long as the flag officer remains under their command jurisdiction. This authority does not extend beyond such jurisdiction. The command jurisdiction includes the vessel or facility itself and any away missions send to other facilities which do not have their own command jurisdiction within Solas Tempus.

Section B

A flag officer is to be assigned a security Platoon consisting of 4 Squads, one Squad is to be assigned to the flag officer at any given time. This platoon shall be STS or TACCOM at the discretion of the flag officer. If a squad is not available the flag officer can commandeer a squad from another Solas Tempus assignment to act as personal security.

A commanding officer should note in their log should this assignment pose a potential security risk to the vessel, facility, or assignment the squad is pulled away from.

Section C

As part of operational security all flag officers shall be assigned a XIA to act as liaison to Solas Tempus command and the Serenity Concord. This XIA shall be kept up to date on protocols, orders, and operational information as needed and will be directed to provide the flag officer with needed information to maintain operational security as well as mission success.

Section D

All flag officers are to be assigned a personal vessel of the class Archer to be used as primary official transport. The vessel will be kept at a ready status to be used at the discretion of the flag officer. The crew shall be assigned from the assigned security personnel with the addition of an executive officer / master systems AI assigned to the vessel and other personnel as the flag officer sees fit.

If the vessel is unavailable at a given time it is needed the flag officer as the right to temporarily assign another vessel to act as a substitute from the pool of available vessels.