Gothic Amber Cabaret

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The Gothic Amber is an underground night club for supernaturals on the outskirts of Chicago. Owned by a trio of vampires the club caters to the more benign entertainment needs of the supernatural community. The club itself is a hotel, restaurant, and lounge which caters exclusively to the supernatural community and it's human servants. They practice only the most discrete business practices and are considered to be neutral ground. The complex is built at the center of an old industrial park and special wards protect it from prying eyes, those without supernatural talents only see a delapodated and abandoned factory and surrounding out buildings all in disrepair. Uninvited guests trying to penetrate the wards will be met by security and turned around, finding it difficult to remember any details about the place shortly after leaving.


The club itself is built many floors below ground with three stories above ground. The main room of the club, which houses the restaurant and lounge, is built in a modern interpretation of a cathedral, with skylights in the ceiling between the cathedral-like structure. Instead of being made of stone, it is constructed with steel adding an industrial feel to the site. From the outside it looks like a sprawling campus of neo-gothic stylings with an industrial theme.


The club offers hotel accommodations and fine dining as well as nightly entertainment and a bar that never closes. Also on staff are a doctor and nurse as well as an on call lawyer. Vampires may choose to drink from a number of volunteers on staff, which can be rented for extended periods of time on contract with the hotel to provide services to Vampires and other supernaturals who have need of human servants. Practitioners of supernatural arts such as magic users or psionics are also catered to with a modest but well curated library focusing on supernatural history and such arts. The site also has a full service kitchen open 24 hours.


The hotel side has rooms both above ground and below in a variety of sizes and configurations, from single-room single-bed simple accommodations to lavish full service suites.

Code of Conduct

There is a strict code of conduct on site. There is to be no violence either instigated by or participated in from any guest upon any other guest or there outside world. It is considered to be neutral ground and anyone caught violating the rules will be removed swiftly and not permitted to return.


The club has on staff security 24 hours a day that are trained in dealing with all variety of supernatural creatures. Most are some form of magic users or psionic themselves, though there are a few Vampires or shifters on staff. The owners live on site, at least 1 is present at all times.