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As a general rule, we support people dealing with issues themselves. As it clearly states and I've said many times, the server staff is going to be very upset if they have to wade in a sort out drama going on between players. I saw this bit of text on the Discord Developers server and liked it so much that I created this page so I could point to it.

Generally speaking, following these rules will allow anyone to enjoy online bliss away from people that bother you.

How To

  1. Block the user. It's simple. It's easy. It's free! It's a couple clicks/taps, and you never have to see their messages again.
  2. Ban them from any servers that you have the permission
  3. Ask moderators on other servers to ban them, and present your case
  4. If there are servers that you share, and the moderators won't ban them, leave the server
  5. If the mods are the issue, leave the server.
  6. If you own the server/are an admin and they create alts: ban them and set up verification.
  7. If your friends are the issue: they aren't your friends.

Final Thoughts

We do not wish anyone to leave the server (unless you are violating our rules consistently), however not every server is for everyone. An important thing to note here is that in all of this, there is this value of the online community as being disposable. I really think that people take these things too seriously and refuse out of some perceived need for the online communication, to deal with things in the most logical way.

We operate online RP servers, except one which is a community server for system administrators, moderators, and other such community leaders. None of this is life and death and I encourage anyone who has severe issues with someone to follow these simple How-To steps.