Gunstar Class Fighter

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The Gunstar Class fighter is designed to be a long range interceptor / assault craft. The design premise is for the fighter to be able to deploy either singly or in a group for a surgical strike at a target location. She has heavy armor plating and fire power allowing the ship to last a considerable amount of time under heavy fire. In ideal conditions one would deploy a small group of these fighters to knock out communications or other specific enemy targets prior to the arrival of the main assault force. Due to her ability to last in combat, she can fill a reconnaissance / assault role as well. Her lack of a cloaking device, however, and very large power signature makes her ill suited for long range covert efforts. Enemy forces will know she's there when she arrives but with any luck will have no idea what hit them before they can respond.

20 meters
2 (Pilot and Gunner)
Power Source 
Matter/Antimatter Reactor
Fusion Reactors
Warp Jump Drive
Impulse Drive

Offensive Systems

  • 4 Forward Mounted Microtorpedo Launchers (Transphasic Warheads Standard)
  • 4 Forward Mounted Phaser Beam Emitters (Type IX)
  • 5 Pulse Phaser Turrets (2 Foreward / Dorsal, 2 Rear, 1 Central / Ventral)
  • Rear Plasma Cloud
  • Death Blossom Firing Mode

Plasma Cloud

While the warp core is in operation the vessel can divert high energy plasma from the warp drive to expel from the ships impulse drive, this gives it a speed boost as well as spreading a dangerous plasma cloud directly behind the vessel doing plasma damage to any ship passing through it. This is especially useful in as a defensive maneuver to confuse or damage incoming torpedoes or other ordinance.

Death Blossom

Death blossom if a weapon of last resort. The mode uses all of the ships available power until it is entirely depleted except for a small life support reserve. The firing mode operates by extending 4 specialized weapons doors that expose a number of pulse phaser emitters along the forward section of the hull. Once extended the weapons power up and the engines rotate the ship along all axis of motion at high speed. Inertial dampeners are set to maximum power for this maneuver and the computer auto-targets all enemy targets within the range sphere around the vessel and fires at all with all the ships available weaponry except for its torpedo compliment.

Defensive Systems

  • Ablative Hull Armor
  • Deflector Shields


Her impulse drives are independent each power by its own fusion reactor and reserve deuterium supply in the engine pod itself. While the core is active, they can also divert warp plasma into the impulse manifolds to provide extra thrust and deploy a high energy plasma cloud behind the ship.

Warp Jump Drive

The fighter is equipped to jump for a max of 10 seconds at Warp 9.95 allowing it to travel up to 70 AU in a single jump. Once the drive has been used it takes up to 5 minutes to recharge under ideal conditions, more if the power systems are being taxed. This is done via the 4 warp nacelles built into the engine pods, each one has a direct line to the central matter/antimatter reactor at the ships core.