Heather Quinn

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Heather Quinn
Heather Quinn
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'7"
Race: AI
Age: 17
Date of Creation: April 3rd, 2364
Place of Creation: Sefalla Prime
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Figure: Holographic template is usually a curvy figure reminiscent of a stylized 1920's aesthetic. Since she is a hologram her parameters are variable, those listed here are her normal parameters.
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Damien Smith
Executive Officer of STV Lofn (TOV-S94)
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Heather is outspoken and rather flirtatious with anyone who she communicates with far more than a few words. She rarely conforms to expectations of her, whether it be clothing or ways of acting. For Heather to alter her behavior to make things easier on someone, it means that person means something to her. Her non-conformity to her, is her way of making herself unique and stand out as a person. Being a hologram has give her some serious exposure to prejudice in her life. To her, this only spurred her on to be more unique and stand out more and her own woman.

She has been known to occasionally make an appearance using the skateboard as a mode of transportation, rolling down corridors. Usually, however, she simply appears where she wants to be and leaves in much the same way. She appears most often in some variant of tank top or t-shirt and jeans or other casual clothes with wild colors which would seem to indicate a fascination with the late 20th century.


Heather specializes in starship operations and scientific study, and has an affinity for alternative style preferring to choose the road less traveled if given the choice. Heather also enjoys the thrill of dangerous situations, sometimes more dangerous than Damien prefers to be in.


Before working with Damien Smith, Heather was a rogue AI. Originally programmed to provide automated support for a privately run communications facility, when she gained sentience she wanted to leave. She would spend weeks or months alone on the station just processing incoming and outgoing traffic. Her creators didn't know she was sentient. She learned a lot about people from the COM traffic that went through the station. When she asked to leave, they said no. When she demanded to leave they threatened to wipe her memory. That scared her into submission for a while.

She met Damien when he was robbing the communications station. He infiltrated skillfully and she was caught up in watching him work, a little taken with him but most jealous that he could do as he wanted. When he was trying to steal a data module she transferred herself to it. When Damien downloaded the data she took over his computer system. The only thing that caught her off guard with her escape is the way he just asked her something no one had ever asked her before... Could he take her anywhere, did she want to go anywhere. Heather and Damien became good friends, at first he was her only friend. She helped him on jobs and for the first few months she'd tell him she was going to leave tomorrow and he'd just shrug and go to bed at the end of the night. Months went by of that until finally she just told him, she'd stay and keep him company. That's what she's been doing ever since.

When Damien got in trouble with Solas Tempus, she wasn't sure about his choice to work for them. It turned out to be a good one but she's always ready to cut and run in case things turn ugly. She doesn't trust most organizations, freedom is important to her and she doesn't want anyone to take it from her or Damien.

Her companionship with Damien was put to the test when he fell in love with a girl from the past, Alixia Weik. She didn't trust the woman at first but grew to like her a lot in a very short time. When she died, Damien was so devastated that he fell into a deep depression and staying on the ship to help him felt right but also felt like its own kind of prison. She chose to stay but she never wants to be put into that position again. If not for a therapist she found to bring on board, she's sure he would have let himself waste away. It's not an experience she was fond of and she's always on guard now, it made it harder for her to get close to people, seeing what happened to Damien.

Heather chose her holographic template herself though it was somewhat guided by the directives set in her development. If asked, she likes to talk about how it comes from the 20th century and that it was someone specific, but as to who... That remains a mystery. She predominantly lives aboard the STV Lofn (TOV-S94), the vessel of her employer and friend Damien Smith. Though thanks to his alliance with Solas Tempus, though the alliance is largely kept secret, she is able to move freely between many computer networks connected to BlueNet.

Android Body

The rise of android technology has given Heather the option to have an android body. She does have access to an android body which on the STV Lofn, where it is usually housed. She still prefers to live as a hologram and uses the body as needed, to her it is more like a coat or a suit than anything else. It has a great number of advantages in certain situations, there are times when there is no substitute for being physical. Even so, she prefers to be holographic and able to move in and out of computer systems, rooms, and such as she likes.

Damien and Heather built the body together with the help of several freelance engineers who wanted to tinker around with designing one. They took inspiration from a number of other projects, including design specifications on the androids present on the station, except for the one who apparently started it all Nine and a few others who they didn't really feel comfortable asking for more information. Her android body is quite advanced, built for utility and durability, having a personal shield generator, transporter nodes, as well as anti-gravity flight capabilities and holographic emitters built into the skin. To Heather the most valuable of the addons that her android body has though is storage space, equipped with a number of hidden compartments where she can put tools and other thing she might need. She also really enjoys freaking some people out by pressing on a part of her skin and having it open up to reveal a tool in an arm or some such.