Henry Lakes

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Henry Lakes
Henry Lakes-human.jpg
Henry Lakes
Played by: katté
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Lycanthrope
Age: 64
Date of Birth: 1954
Place of Birth: Ambler, Pennsylvania
Eye Color: Blond
Hair Color: Green-Blue
Figure: Mesomorph/Athletic
Universe of Origin: Angelic Sins
Organization: Chicago Police Department
Occupation: Crime Scene Investigator
Rank / Skill Level: Lieutenant
Approved By: User:Cyclops
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Angelic Sins

Henry is a friendly but professional person, and his workaholic nature means he is usually on the job, thus limiting the time that he could ever be encountered in a relaxed state. That is not to say he is stressed, however, for he is in fact one of the least stressed investigators of the Chicago PD.

Special Skills

  • Marksmanship - 2C
  • Forensics - 1A
  • Lockpicking - 1A
  • Martial Arts - 2C
  • Defensive Driving - 2C

The Wolf Within

Henry Jakes-werewolf.jpg

When Henry is transformed, he retains his sharp mind and cunning, but gains a vicious wild-side to accompany it. He is very much against targeting innocent bystanders, but criminals of any variety are his prey. Much of his decency and decorum are thrown out the window while transformed.


Special Abilities

  • Supernatural Strength - 2C
  • Supernatural Senses - 2C
  • Regeneration - 2A
  • Pain Immunity - 2A (A rank because he is totally incapable of feeling pain)


Unlike a fair number of Werewolves who acquired lycanthropy through infection, Henry Lakes was born naturally as a Werewolf, for both his parents possessed the beast blood. Growing up in the tiny town of Ambler, Henry had to learn to live alongside Humans in day to day life, avoiding detection for what he truly was by navigating the small-town community environment. His superior senses, reflexes, and strength easily made him the star football player at his high school, but it was also around then that his adoration of the police began, and soon after graduating he was off to the academy. Henry succeeded with flying colors there too, and for a few decades he served in various departments around the state, showing a vested interest in investigative work. Once he was around forty years old, the lack of aging he experienced sparked curiosity in his workplace, and so Henry got himself transferred to Chicago with fraudulent documents on a favor from the police chief.

Despite the passing of time, Henry never changed much, and the people of Chicago’s more volatile neighborhoods came to know him as the old-timer in a kid’s body. The city did not wait for him though, and year after year went by, racking up consistently worse and worse crime. The stress eventually got to Henry, and while he was drinking his sorrows away in an alleyway outside his apartment one night, a gang of thugs jumped him. The shock of the attack, coupled with an inebriated mind and adrenaline, woke up the detective’s inner beast. He slaughtered the criminals with no remorse, and whether it was some morbid sense of justice or the wolf blood running through his veins, Henry decided from then on to take a more preventative measure for neighborhood safety. Crime rates plummeted in the communities that he frequented from then on, and the gruesome crime scenes left him plenty of work in the mornings to keep him busy and content.

Of course, after his initial transformation it didn’t take long for his superiors to catch wind of the smell of dog, and Henry was eventually delegated to supernatural cases once the world had caught up with his kind. Thanks mostly to his careful separation of his work and private life, there wasn’t a direct blood trail connecting him to the events in the neighborhood, but suspicions and rumors would ensure he was kept at arm length from then onwards.