Hotel Sebastian

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One of the finest hotels in the city. The Hotel Sebastian cannot be rented by just anyone and generally one must be a member of the hotel to enjoy its service, a feature which requires an incredibly large sum of money the size of which is a strictly confidential and may not be discussed among members (or risk being banned from the hotel for life). The hotel itself keeps strict records of its guests using a complicated code system to avoid prying eyes. No data is kept online or otherwise accessible off-site, it is a fortress of data security. Hotel staff are forbidden from speaking of the guests in the hotel outside of the building or they too may be banned from the facility for life.


The hotel has a strict non-violence rule, anyone who breaks that rule or the confidentiality rule must surrender any and all property or payments on the hotel premises or made to the hotel and will further be banned for life. Other rules include that patrons may not be late for a payment except when Management has extended them a significant line of credit. Lines of credit must have collateral to be used for security, collateral which rarely includes money (most often property).

Being banned for life often has the side effect that a person swiftly goes missing.


The hotel has a full fitness center, pool, hotel bar and restaurant, and basement rooms for guests to rent out for meeting spaces. They also have tailors and seamstresses as well as hotel stores which cater to a guests material needs. They have an excellent concierge team which assists guests in obtaining more difficult items and services of any kind in the strictest of confidence.