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Played by: User:Dasfier
Alias: Ida
Height: 2'
Weight: 50lbs
Gender: Female
Race: ID-10 Seeker Droid
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 16
Date of Creation: June 2344
Place of Creation: Imperial Star Destroyer Redmone
Eye Color: Red
Figure: Small disklike body, multiple appendages (4). Black paint
Universe of Origin: Blazing Umbra
Organization: Empire / Onyx
Occupation: Infiltrator Droid
Approved By: User:Cyclops
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Crafty and clever, quite an intelligent little droid, hard to capture, and hard to keep in one spot. it Enjoys it’s work and puzzles.

Special Abilities

  • Levitation
  • Modular tactical assistance package
Shield generator, tactical scanner, etc...

Special Skills

  • Infiltration
  • Slicing / hacking
  • Tactical support and assistance

Special Equipment

  • Grasper limbs
  • Slicing probe
  • Electro shock probe
  • Stealth field generator


Ida, or ID-10-SI, is an imperial designed ID-10 Seeker droid, designed for stealth and infiltration, hence the SI. She was programmed with a fundamental and basic learning Algorithm and AI to help her in adapting and infiltrating hostile areas. All her life she learned the Imperial way of doing things, the Imperial way is the right way, to bring peace and order in a naturally violent chaotic galaxy, that’s all she knew, and all she cared to know, not being a true AI she had orders and followed through them.

During her development she went through numerous tests she could encounter, from dodging blaster and weapons fire, to escaping from briggs or traps where larger droids or devices would struggle, to detecting and providing tactical support for an organic operative. Once she was thoroughly tested, and was deemed successful, she was sent on a top secret mission to Nimbus station with one simple mission, to break the nation from the inside out, and pave the way for the Empire to restore order.