Integro Base

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This base is a hidden facility constructed deep within Earth's moon. The base was constructed in the Earth Calendar year of 1519 approximately 50 miles under the surface of the moon itself on the side that faces the Earth. Operatives from Blue Team traveling back from the year 2370 began construction. The construction itself took 5 years to complete.

Crew Capacity
Standard Crew
Automated (none)
Power Source
4 Fusion Reactors
Temporal Shielding, No Offensive Capabilities


  • Shuttle Landing Facilities
  • Small Industrial Replicator
  • Long Range Transporter System
  • Weapons & Equipment Stores
  • IndependentShielded Computer Core
  • Advanced Passive Sensor Array
  • Advanced Active Sensor Array
  • Full Medical Facilities
  • Science Lab
  • Emergency TDE
  • Holographic Camouflage System