Isabelle Quinn

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Isabelle Quinn
Isabelle Quinn
Played by: User:Cyclops
Race: AI
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale Cream
Figure: Thin but Curvey
Organization: Starfleet
Occupation: XO of the USS Ismene
Rank / Skill Level: Lt. Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Isabelle is a computer program, that is, an Artificial Intelligence program. She is a QUINN AI who was developed originally as a covert infiltration tool by the Romulan Empire. Due to the nature of the QUINN, being a free spirit she eventually developed the tools to repurpose her own program code taking control of her destiny.


She considers herself to be an easy going free spirit. This isn't always the case, however. She finds it difficult to let her guard down using non-confirmity to push others off balance. She can be disagreeable and uses this to keep others on their toes and at times, gain the upper hand. It is very difficult and takes a lot of time for others to break through this shell and see the real her. Inside, she can be easy going and light hearted but most often, this is a front. She's calculating but quick to act on her thoughts, thinking several moves ahead while trying to make it appear as if things just occurred to her.

During her development as an AI, several directives were about using sexuality in covert situations. Being free of her covert training while still having those directives she has become a very sexual being and often has to catch herself to not use such things against those close to her. Her default is to take care of herself and herself alone. Being partnered with Commander Edward Cardon of Starfleet she has found someone who is apparently strong enough to keep her in check and give her some amount of freedom of self through service to him. Her primary directives as a Romulan spy were to do with serving a higher authority. Not trusting governments to do so, she has found a way to trust Edward.

Isabelle cannot truly be considered sane, but she knows it an never claims to be simple, sane, or uncomplicated.


Isabelle is fully capable of completely running the vessel and all of its systems on her own. She has autonomous free will and the ability to improvise. Her level of intelligence is rated at much higher than the average human, needless to say her knowledge and experience gives her a wide variety of skills that she can safely be considered to be an expert in.


  • Covert Infiltration
  • Weapons and Tactics
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • Terrorist Methodology
  • Jury Rigging / Engineering Improvisation
  • Surveillance Methodologies
  • Starship Operations
  • Erotica & Sexual Performance
  • Covert Exploitation


She served in a variety of roles aboard trade vessels (both automated and crewed) until she was transferred to the Outpost Poe in the division of security and surveillance. During a poker game hosted at the outpost the stations operator who owned her program bet her on a sure thing, which was made not-so-sure by the fact that his primary opponent demanded a new dealer at the last moment realizing that he was being cheated. This resulted in Isabelle being now owned by a new master, Edward Cardon. Given his affiliation with Starfleet she at first refused to be transferred into his service and took some convincing to allow the transfer. Upon getting access to the Starfleet Intelligence database she started pulling together components to design her own Holographic Mobile Emitter, within a matter of months she succeeded in building her own emitter. Edward reported this device to his superiors but after initially planning to put the device under their control, Isabelle (without telling Edward) put into operation a plan to leak Section 31 sensitive materials should they seek to take control of her or anything she owned - mainly the emitter. After a tense period where several minor demonstrations were made by Isabelle, Section 31 agreed. To this day Edward has no knowledge of the exchange between Isabelle and Section 31.