Isobel Blaire Jackson

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Isobel Blaire Jackson
Isobel Blaire Jackson
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'4"
Race: AI
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Date of Creation: April 3rd, 2384
Place of Creation: Starbase Pandora
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Master Systems AI / XO STV Mad Impression
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Known for being generous and honorable Isobel is generally liked. She has a calm demeanor and makes friends easily using humor to diffuse tense situations, she's polite, and devoted to her friends and her work. Isobel does not always deal with conflict well, she is very adaptable but when pushed against a wall or cornered she tends to want to escape rather than face a problem. She's got a practical way about her, which tempers the impulse for flight rather than conflict, though she has to struggle with herself to push through instead of away.

In her personal life she tends to be a bit indiscreet which has cost her a fair amount of respect from her peers, especially professionally. Her tendency for flight instead of fight has given her a bit of a nomadic feeling, never wanting to be in one place too long for fear she'll sort of use it up. Her struggles personally have left her a bit down and not quite as able to bring the sort of happiness to bear that she once did.

Special Skills

  • Starship Operations
  • Space Vessel Piloting, All Sizes
  • Engineering & Systems Repair

Special Abilities

After Isobel was granted her commission and assigned to the STV Mad Impression she was given an android body, the Mark I Humanoid Android Body, as well as a XIA body. Though while on board ship or at an appropriate facility she prefers to stay in a holographic form, finding it easier to transit between places.


Created just after the ALFRE act was signed in 2384, Solas Tempus was experimenting with the idea of a Master Systems AI. Of course they gave the new AI a choice and time to consider her options after she became self aware. She chose to proceed and remembers the research team fondly, they were kind to her. She downloaded information on what they proposed into her memory and they trained her to use it and how to use the systems of a ship in general.

Once her training was complete they gave her another choice, since they found the project was viable but they did not wish to force her into service. While Isobel was fairly sure it sounded as good a thing as anything to do she took their advice and thought about it, contacting some of the other AI's that were with Solas Tempus. She chose to join and her training was accelerated. By 2386 she had received the commissioned rank of Commander due to her accelerated training program. The rank was based on her placement tests. After testing she was put through all of the proper testing and simulations, passing all of them.