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Iztaccihuatl Angelos
Played by: Darktrooper501
Alias: Eraikitzen Ari Dira (true name)
Height: 5'
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: female
Race: Kithian
Age: 28 (DOB: 10/20/1994)
Place of Birth: Mexico City
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: silver
Figure: Normal, has long pointed ears
Universe of Origin: World of Darkness
Occupation: Computer Technician
Rank / Skill Level: Expert
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

An austere loner that likes to inspire creativity in others. Values friends and family above all. Nockers are perfectionists unsatisfied with anything in life.

Special Skills

Trained to maintain and repair most early 21st century computers.

Artisan techniques in such fields as woodworking, leatherwork, glassblowing, metalworking, glassblowing Etc. She is at an expert level.

Special Abilities

As a nocker she can learn how to construct and repair any machine at a far faster rate than an average person. Additionally when she yells she can scare any machine into working via changeling magic (other wise she would have to know how to physically repair the machine), however the machine will only work while she is within 10 feet.

Infusion is the Art that assists Nockers in creating all of their wonderful clockwork and chimerical items. It involves the connection of "FUBARS" and other chimerical entities into physical or chimerical forms. With a few rare exceptions, only the Nockers use Infusion. Though other kiths potentially could learn it, most do not see the appeal in learning such a strange and specialized Art.

  • Harden - Prepares a wild chimera by turning it into a crafted chimera, allowing further applications of Infusion to be used on it.
  • Toughen - Adds durability to chimerical materials, including other changelings, granting resistance both to damage and Banality's undoing.
  • FUBAR Generation - Creates and enslaves a FUBAR, a chimerical creature that can serve as a Glamour battery.
  • Animantis - Produces a golem, a mechanical servant that will serve the Nocker and aid him in his work.
  • Gilgul - A terribly dangerous cantrip that, if successful, adds sentient thought to a chimera or animantis, and possibly even a true soul.

Prop is the control and manipulation of all created objects. Clothing, weapons, buildings, and anything else "created" falls under Prop. The more complicated the device the more mastery of the Prop realm is required.

  • Ornate Garb - Objects commonly worn, including tattoos.
  • Crafted Tool - An item having no moving parts.
  • Mechanical Device - Any item with moving parts but that does not require fuel.
  • Complex Machine - An item with movable and sometimes electronic components that anyone can understand (toaster, car, etc).
  • Arcane Artifact - Any item not covered, usually with complex components.

The Art of Wayfare deals with a changeling's ability to move through space. This involves bouncing and covering far distances, speeding forward on feet that move impossibly fast, and even teleporting from one place to another. The Eshu have a deep connection with this Art, though as it is a common Art, any can learn it. In some holds, the nobility has come to fear the power of Wayfare, and may act to make it somewhat harder to come by.

  • Hopscotch - Produce an impossible leap, either up or down, and suffer no damage from the resulting collision.
  • Quicksilver - Allows the caster to move at an incredibly fast speed.
  • Portal Passage - Creates a temporary opening through most magical barriers, allowing it to be moved through.
  • Wind Runner - Makes the target light enough to be picked up by the wind and have limited control of their direction in the air.
  • Flicker Flash - Instantly disappear, and reappear somewhere else in the world.


  • Type: Animantis Wraithmech Custom Pattern
  • Height: 15 meters
  • Weight: 20 tons
  • Equipment:
    • Back: Wing like thrusters
    • Shoulder: 2 Wraithcannons,
    • Feet: Magplates
    • Chest: Cockpit and life support system
  • Loudout: 1 Scattershield, 2 Ghostglaives, 1 Suncannon, 1 Inferno Cannon, 1 Deathshroud Cannon

Miscellaneous: Due to the Mech’s bond with Itza from her Gilgul cantrip the mech is unable to be piloted by anyone but her. Her bond also allows her to be able to remotely pilot Ynarana except when she does so she can't use her own body. In addition it is mostly autonomous and sentient since it possesses an animantis soul.

Ynarana wielding a single Ghostglaive


Born in Mexico City, Mexico she grew up fairly normally, at 11 her parents moved to the UK as her father found work there. In Britain she found it hard to make friends driving her to become a loner. At the age of twelve she awakened her Fae (beings that gain power from human dreams) side and was introduced to both the Dreaming and the local changeling freehold, Neverwhere. As a changeling nocker she excelled in dealing with machines and so became a computer technician. At the age of 20 she formed a Fae motley with her friends Claude, Philippe, Victoria, and Tayla. When she was spliced in the middle of fighting Wardon the Impotent.