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Played by: User:Ks0908
Height: 1.87 meters
Weight: 67 kg
Gender: Female
Race: Twi'lek
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Nebulon-B medical frigate “wound healer”
Eye Color: yellow
Hair Color: Bald
Figure: Slim
Universe of Origin: Star Wars
Organization: Resistance
ex New Republic
Occupation: Resistance x-wing pilot in “Johns fireborn” company
Rank / Skill Level: Experienced pilot
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Calm but cheerful person, bit of light headed when it comes to alcohol so she avoid it

Special Skills

  • piloting X-wing in tight spaces (1A)
  • hand blaster proficiency (1B)
  • sabotage training (1C)

Special Abilities

  • Analog navigation (1E)
  • experienced with security probes (1B)


Jaina is Daughter of Alema, Rebelion pilot that went known in few squadrons by destroying empire corvette in single pass during raid on Empire outpost that was killed during battle of Endor. She followed her mother steps joining New republic fighter corps after war, and after proclamation of resistance moved to them noticing that Republics fighter corps consisted only show boys without any preparation to actual fight with forming First Order. She flew few ops and at one her squadron was accompanied by famous “Johns Fireborn” company. During operation she answered CAS support from “Angelos sons” and drop of main fighter wing to help them, which ended with falling in trouble with squadron leader who was basically pissed at she for not following direct order to continue attack run on enemy. Direct result of that was yet other than issues with brass, she got accepted into Johns Fireborn company and made few friends there. During one of operations, where she co-operated closely with Angelos sons, she got shoot down by SAM site and hit ground after providing Air support to them, ending after evacuation in sickbay. Afterwards she continued to fly for John Fireborn company, getting somewhat known for doing tight U-turn in canyon risking her craft to eliminate E-web position that pinned down soldiers on ground.


  • T-70 X-wing space superiority starfighter
  • Glie-44 blaster sidearm
  • BB-9E type droid (stolen from First Order)
  • EL-16 blaster rifle (in fighter compartment)