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The Schatten Star System is the only known location in this universe of the Supergate version of a Stargate, modified to act as an Trans-Dimensional Supergate. Created in conjunction with the Avali using their superior understanding of wormhole technology, the Supergate allows transit between different realities of the multiverse, with some restrictions.

10km Diameter
574 Blocks (Reactor every 41 Blocks), Total of 14 Matter/Antimatter Reactors
Fixed at 8 AU from the Schatten Star
Right Ascension 3h 18m 22.59s by Declination 15° 9' 5.07

The gates operation is managed from Janus Station, a Class 2 Space Station where navigation between realities is calculated and the gate can be activated.

Power Source

The Supergate is powered by a series of 14 matter/antimatter reactors placed at equal-distant points built into the gate-blocks at those points. When activated the reactors provide the power to open the gate and maintain the wormhole. However, the power is drained from the system faster than the reactors can produce it, since the blocks were designed to operate from a full quantum singularity.

Choosing a Destination

The nature of different realities in the multiverse makes travel to a reality too similar to ones own very difficult and extremely costly in energy and control. Experimental results revealed that a stable wormhole could not be produced reliably or safely leading to any reality which was too close to the one the gate originates in. Trial and error has found that the shape of the wormhole can direct which reality it opens up to, and that there are sweet spots which form a wormhole easier than others. It seems that nature allows transit between realities only within these particular destinations in the multiverse, each corresponding to a root universe, different from our own. Targeting a variation of one of these universes is difficult at best and impossible / dangerous at worst.

Conventional Travel

It is also possible to use the Supergate to open a wormhole to somewhere within our own universe, given the proper coordinates and power usage, it may even be possible to access other galaxies using the gate.


A specific kind of beacon is used, based on a design for a temporal transponder, to signal the gate to open on demand to a particular universe, the signal will cross realities to reach the system and allow the gate to be activated, it cannot be activated from the opposite end. This beacon is known as a Trans-Dimensional Beacon, Janus Station monitors for signals of this type so that it can activate the gate.


To facilitate trade and commerce the gate has scheduled times that it will be opened to various realities once a valid connection is established and probes determine that the reality is safe to travel to. The specific rotates depends on the demand for passage to and from a given reality.


The wormhole stays open for a limited time before it exhausts the energy built up by the reactors. A wormhole can only stay open for a maximum of 38 minutes before it reaches a point that the reactors can no longer sustain. The reactors then require another 12.6 minutes to recharge the gates power reserves before they can open another stable wormhole.

While the original wormhole allowed only one-way travel, the Avali technology allows the wormhole to travel both ways between realities.

Finding a Reality

Finding the specific characteristics of a wormhole to go to the intended reality takes time, trial and error, using one of the smaller Stargates, particularly the one at the Nysa Facility. It can take up to 8-20 months to discover the "address" of a destination universe that works, or it can take a matter of days.

Uneven Time

Each reality has its own unique flow of time. Some have time roughly at the same rate as our own making a roughly 1:1 ratio between the two. Others, however, can be years for every day or a day for every year. Most realities have a similar, if not equal, flow of time to our own. However, the so-called sweet spots seem to lead to specific times which run similar in pace to our own. That is to say the gate accesses times in each reality which are uneven from each other. Where as one reality may lead to a universe where Earth is in the year 1992, and another may lead to a reality where Earth is in 4021.

These variables make it possible to reach similar universes but at vastly different time periods.