Janus Gate

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The Schatten Star System is the only publicly known location in this universe of the Supergate version of a Hermod Gate, also known as a Trans-Dimensional Supergate. Created in conjunction with the Avali using their superior understanding of wormhole technology, the Supergate allows transit between different realities of the multiverse, with some restrictions.

9.55 km Diameter
30 km Circumference
1070 Standard Blocks / 10 Reactor Blocks
Fixed at 8 AU from the Schatten Star
Right Ascension 3h 18m 22.59s by Declination 15° 9' 5.07

The gates operation is managed from Janus Station, a Class 2 Space Station where navigation between realities is calculated and the gate can be activated.


To facilitate trade and commerce the gate has scheduled times that it will be opened to various realities once a valid connection is established and probes determine that the reality is safe to travel to. The specific rotates depends on the demand for passage to and from a given reality.