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After the initial Stargates were found in the Nekkar Star System by the United Federation of Planet and the subsequent involvement of Solas Tempus, a project was organized to discover the nature of the devices and how to operate them. This project was a cooperative project started by the United Federation of Planets and Solas Tempus. The primary purpose was to discover the operation, construction, and origin of the devices later known as Stargates. Investigation of these objectives turned up little in the way of results beyond what was recorded on the vessel found with the Stargates, named the Daedalus.

Stargate Control

It was then discovered that the Stargate's were controlled and operated by a device known in the Daedalus's on board database as a "Dial Home Device" or DHD. This device operates via a complex form of quartz crystal which stores energy and data patterns in its lattice structure. When power is run through these crystals they operate similar to a computer system. The control system was adapted in 2380 to interface with Federation computer systems. It wasn't until 2381 that the interface could provide more than basic information, the completed interface program is then able to fully send and receive commands for the Stargates.

This development allowed for the gates to be operated from Solas Tempus / Federation computers rather than to use the DHD's found with the gates.

Power Source

The project discovered rather early on that the gates were made of a material that acted as a massive energy capacitor. Theoretical studies indicate that the power supply for these devices could require input pushing into the terawatt range. At this time, work began on how to adapt power input from Fusion Reactors or Matter/Antimatter reactors to supply the required power to the devices. In 2380, the power transmission interface was completed and verified to supply power to the device.


Janus operates a number of sub-projects designed to make the best use of the technology as possible. The end goal is to have the Stargates able to be used as a primary mode of transit between extremely distant points for goods, services, and people.


The Janus Project is working toward constructing new Stargates. The materials the gates are made of makes this difficult, as it does not appear in our universe. Creating it synthetically is under active research but is slow going.


Along with the gates were found several blocks. These were identified by the Daedalus Database as being parts of a Supergate, what we call a Type IV, which is large enough for a ship to pass through. Unlike the Stargates themselves, there has been some luck in created compatible blocks for a Type IV gate, which built in reactors to power the device. With the help of the Avali from Blazing Umbra Station these devices were adapted into the Trans-Dimensional Supergate which is located in the Schatten Star System. Other potential uses for such devices is currently under research.

Trans-Dimensional Gates

Since the Supergate technology was adapted for Trans-Dimentional use, Janus has been working to find a way to adapt the smaller Stargates for such a purpose, in particular the Type III gate shows promise for being able to do such. Problems have arisen from the before-mentioned lack of construction material.

Distribution and Use

In 2381 after Damien Simith successfully was able to interface with and activate the gate itself it was decided by Solas Tempus and Prometheus Association that the gates could be used to allow a pivotal mode of transport between facilities. As there were only 47 gates available the major powers agreed to keep the gates largely restricted until such time as a workable way to construct new gates was found.

The gates were placed at Solas Tempus hub facilities and at primary Solas Tempus locations with other gates put at locations requested by the governments represented by the Association.