Jasid Shunnid

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Jasid Shunnid
Jasid Shunnid
Alias: Jas
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Age: 40
Date of Birth: March 3rd, 1004 A.W.
Place of Birth: Whiteridge
Eye Color: Brown
Figure: Muscular but a bit out of shape
Organization: Village of Whiteridge
Occupation: Mayor
Status: NPC
Setting: Embers of Soteria

Jasid is a caring and loving man in most respects, he is a widower after his wife was lost to sickness 7 years ago. He tends to speak softly and allow things to generally unfold as they may, with little interference from him. It isn't uncommon for him to suggest that townsfolk do the same, saying that they should trust in the Fates. He fell into a horrible depression for a few years after the death of his wife, but pulled out it for the sake of the town, seeing he was needed and it was what his wife would have wanted. He's always been sad that they never had children, but he is calm about it. He tends to hide his feelings behind a smile and a soft quip here and there, trying to get others to laugh to deflect attention away from himself. He uses this technique to bring people together, rather than making things about him and his wishes, he tries to make both sides laugh together. When both sides laugh at him over some minor thing, he then uses their shared laughter to break the ice, preferably over a pint of ale, and begins to discuss the matters at hand.

Special Skills

  • Blacksmithing (average skill at best)
  • Diplomacy (highly skilled)
  • Bow Hunting
  • Above Average Eyesight

Special Abilities

  • Minor Magical Abilities (cantrips mostly)


Jasid apprenticed as a blacksmith, but was never really quite good enough at it to become a smith himself. When the previous mayor was getting on in years, he saw the young Jasid struggling with his future and took him on as an assistant. Jasid took quickly to politics finding a knack in bringing people together and making compromises. When the old mayor was in poor health, Jasid had the faith of the council to run things while the old mayor recovered. After this happened a few times, the council voted to make Jasid next in line for the position, should the townsfolk be willing. The townsfolk accepted this choice when the old mayor made a rousing speech for his faith in Jasid.