Jenny Rebecca Courter

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Jenny Rebecca Courter
Jenny Rebecca Courter
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Lady J
Height: 5'10
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Romulan
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 95
Place of Birth: Ponca City, Oklahoma, Earth
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Red
Figure: Tall, thin, and well toned
Organization: Winter Solstice Resolutions
Occupation: Situational Resolution Consultant
Status: Deceased
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Jenny, or Lady J, is known by a variety of personality traits though the most consistent is her telling of a version of the truth. In dealings with people she is often accused of lying but strictly speaking she tells the truth and allows others to infer the conclusion she wishes from those truths. She can be fiercely loyal, especially when children are involved and for those whom she considers to be family. As far as family goes she primarily considers hers to be the family she has chosen over the years. She takes issues of loyalty and death very seriously and often describes herself as having a warped sense of morality. Clinically she is on the spectrum of a sociopath, incredibly intelligent but has motivational issues in using it. She is a perfectionist, very likely having some level of functional obsessive compulsive disorder as well as the potential for other psychological issues.

Special Abilities

  • Magic Usage
She has the ability to use magical energy, something she has taught herself but keeps very secret and close, even her chosen family have little to no idea she can do this.

Special Skills

  • Juris Doctorate
Member of the Bar Association for the United Federation of Plants, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Star Empire
  • PhD in Communication
  • Masters in Abnormal Psychology, Political Science, and History
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Literature


Growing up on Earth in a farming community and raised with horses by her mother in California she moved around a lot, even in the utopian society of Earth. Her mother and her in particular lived on the fringes of society, priding themselves on their privacy. Still they managed to make a living, her mother was a barn manager and did other odd jobs until she became a bail bonds agent. Her father had anger issues and was not part of her life at all. As a young child Jenny learned to ride horses and later to train horses. This pass time lead to a short career as a horse trainer but that later folded due to changes in the industry.

Jenny was formally educated attending college at the University of California at Humboldt and gaining a degree in communication as well was winning several competitions in speech and debate. She leveraged this knowledge to enter the legal field, first as a paralegal and then as a lawyer. Later she parlayed the contents she had in the legal world to begin catering to select clientele as a person to go to when all else had failed. Quickly gaining a reputation for using alternative methods to solving complex legal and economic problems she eventually got on the radar of Starfleet Intelligence.

A contact was signed and she began work facilitating training, missions, and anything else that needed her unique talents. She operated primarily in the grey areas of the law but dabbled into the darker and more illegal areas when required. With the backing of Starfleet's Section 31 she became even more known in specialized circles. She specifically had a special hand in training operatives like Lance Thomas when he was still with the organization. The pair spent a considerable amount of time planning and executing missions, though she never entered the field herself, he was noted on record several times as saying she had a "unique ability to see beyond the expected, banal, and safe options into the dangerous, extreme, and utterly doable options others would never even consider". Her codename with Section 31 is Lady J.