Jericho Armistance

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Jericho Armistance
Jericho Armistance.jpg
Jericho Armistance
Played by: User:Dasfier
Height: 6'
Gender: Male
Race: AI
Alignment: Lawful Good
Date of Birth: January, 2384
Date of Creation: January, 2384
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: blond
Figure: militaristic, V shaped torso, looks very physically fit
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI for Umbral Shipyards
Rank / Skill Level: Lt. Commander
Approved By: User:JumpingScript
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Jericho Armistance is the MSAI for Umbral Shipyards.


Calculating, calm and by the book, he takes his job as the Umbral Shipyards's MSAI very seriously. that being said he greatly enjoys his work on the shipyards, and the Umbral rift. He's very organized and keeps things in order. He spends his free time reading, practicing swordsmanship and martial arts. To a degree he acts almost human. Sometimes he collects little Knick knacks and models.

Special Abilities

Jericho is a Master Systems AI equipped with a Multinodal Core and has 3 distinct forms giving the ability to move seamlessly between them at will.

Special Skills


  • Efficiency
  • Starship repair and (re)construction
  • Engineering
  • Situational analysis
  • Automation and remote access.
  • Blueprinting
  • Computer programming and debugging


Born and developed early the previous years, Jericho was provided numerous opportunities, He started out as an MSAI for a small patrol craft, and eventually became a candidate for a station MSAI, later being assigned to the Umbral Shipyards has provided him with numerous opportunities, helping in various aspects of ship design, construction, reconstruction and retrofitting. His organization has helped him aid in the managing of the many projects happening in the region, and he works hard to represent the stationmaster in the various actions of the station. He hardly leaves the station, but keeps his mind busy and active, he can recall almost any specification to a specific starship or blueprint as needed, as well as provide those plans and designs.

He enjoys practicing swordsmanship, reading, and the martial arts, he's often pushing his limits for the enjoyment of it. Just as he pushes himself to improve and make the station run as smoothly as possible.