Jules Bordel

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Jules Bordel
Jules Bordel
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'10"
Gender: Male
Race: AI
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Date of Creation: May 3rd, 2377
Place of Creation: Antos IV
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Figure: Thin and wiry, flexible, shaggy hair, goatee.
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI on STV Emerald Dragonfly
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Jules is as careful as he is smart. Very loyal but authoritarian although difficult to anger. He's logical, methodical, and imaginative. He loves being the center of attention but is also selfless and considerate toward others. While he is well-mannered and rather calm he's got a wild rebellious streak, especially when backed into a corner. He can be a bit possessive and something that has cost him a few relationships. He fights his darker impulses to be controlling and possessive though, attempting to use them for strength and determination without acting them out on those around him.

Professionally he's a natural born leader with a wonderful charm built from the reassuring energy he brings. When the chips are down he is level headed and considers his actions carefully, especially those that involve others. He is reluctant to put others in harm's way, but will if he is forced. He enjoys the exciting life professionally but personally prefers a quiet place to rest in, like a denning animal returning home after hunting.

Special Skills

  • Go (the game)
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Playing Saxophone and Trumpet
  • Jazz Music
  • Command Training
  • Engineer (Transporter / Sensor Specialist)
  • Strategic Planning

Special Abilities

As a Master Systems AI Jules has a Mark I Humanoid Android Body as well as a XIA (engineering variant). He can move in and out of computer systems connected to BlueNet or other sufficient subspace networks.


Jules was created on the planet Antos IV as part of their research into neural networks mimicking the human brain. He and his brother Clovis Amond were two AI's created virtually to learn off each other. The experiment was based on the idea that AI's could be created as a pair rather than singularly and their pathways could be allowed to develop in both concert and opposition to each other. The research project overall was a failure, the QUINN AI's that were developed this way did not see significant improvement in pathway development or capabilities vs counterparts that were created individually. All of the AI's in the experiment did develop fully into sentience.

Much like the cohorts in the research project Jules and Clovis developed a strong emotional attachment to each other just as brothers would. They behave and act in many of the same ways as biological brothers raised together do. This is consistent with other AI's created in the same way. Jules himself played off of his brothers flamboyant and dramatic tendencies and the push toward action. He found he could compliment his brother and win several areas of their mutual rivalry by being the careful, logical, and tempered counterpart to Clovis's strong impulses which were rarely controlled. While Clovis enjoys forcing Jules to think quickly, Jules very much enjoys being right. Jules enjoyed and still enjoys the adventures with his brother, though after leaving the research facility they adventure less than when they were being developed.

As brothers they are often almost polar opposites separately. When they are together they almost become a singular entity and play off of each other and borrowing traits which seem to be shared only then. In this way they both joined Solas Tempus at the same time and applied to join the academy. Sponsored by Heather Quinn each enjoyed their time at the academy. After graduation they served aboard several ships separately. When the opportunity came about they applied to become each become an MSAI. For Jules this was to provide a stable force from which discoveries could be made. He was given the choice of several assignments which he was qualifies for and chose the STV Emerald Dragonfly because of its design geared toward discovery of new life.