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Jyn Jones
Played by: User:Ks0908
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21
Place of Birth: Tatooine
Hair Color: Greish brown
Figure: slim
Universe of Origin: Star Wars
Organization: Jedi Order
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Rank / Skill Level: Knight
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Jyn is calm and bit of shy, she care about clones under her command, treating them as human, not "Robot Soldiers that are made to die"

Special Skills

  • lightsaber combat (1C)
  • force usage (1B)
  • piloting (1C)
  • command (1C)

Special Abilities

  • Force Influence (influencing other people mind) (1C)
  • Basic explosive training thanks to one of clones she servers with (1C)
  • blaster usage (1D)
  • Battle Meditation
    • considerably boost morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of allies while simultaneously reducing the will of fight of enemy. Jyn is able to affect only small number of people as she's just begginer in it, but if she get more experience she will gradually affect larger number of enemy and friendly forces. Rather exhausting technique that leaves Jedi vulnerable to attacks, and more people are affected the more exhausting it becomes


Born on Tatooine, her mother was sold by hutts into slavery few days after giving birth. While her father was doing what he can to protect rest of family and keep roof above head, they still were barelly pulling end to end, so he gladly accepted Jedi offer to take her away. He belived it will give her better life that whatever she'd have with he. She passed first trainings and began studying intensively, spending lot of time in libliary and training room. She don't really remember childhood, more of some flashbacks to planet itself than family which is expectable as she was just a kid when she was taken away. While not training she can be found reading books or meditating. People who don't know her could easily think she is not sociable, truth however is that she is just shy, and prefer to stay silent letting other speak, finding it easier to listen to even longest speach with actual attention.

After passing padawan test and becoming knight she was placed as commander of small Clone unit from 121st legion, en route to next planet they were to attack her ship was attacked by CIS forces and after it started sliding into nearby Yavin 4 atmosphere she ordered evacuation from it, boarding one of escape pods with few clones. Splice captured pod just when it exited ship launch bay, and throwed it into Sol System (in year 1520) with increased speed

The Edge

After splice Jyn lived in piece on station, meeting few other force sensitive as well as others. One day it was found that she dissapeared. Search on facilities yelded no result, it took some time before she was tracked to Spliced Harrower star destroyer that kept itself hidden near systems barrier.

She was tortured, strained mentally, her faith in jedi code attacked and finally she was on edge, then Solas Tempus attacked the vessel, Making Jyn use battle meditation against them. After some time of combat boarding party managed to track her down and with their suprise she attacked them. After short lived combat where Reman got injured - most likely because he allowed it - Jyn got subdued. Destroying Harrower managed to help free her from influence of sith, and she did return to Light side, but she was still Tainted by her experience.