Kawaita Suchīru

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Iota, Xi, Omega

Kawaita Suchīru is a cursed blade of unusual hardness and durability. Its name translated means "thirsting steel" and was not the original name of the sword. The original name is lost owing to the destruction of the Soma Clan and the hasty nature of entrusting Yuuku Ryougan with the sword. The sword is of very good craftsmenship, something definitely befitting the lord of a fiefdom. It is unknown how the sword came into the possession of the Soma Clan.

The cause of the curse is a Japanese death god, or shinigami, being trapped within the sword. It is unknown how exactly the shinigami was trapped but one thing that would be obvious is that it would require significant bloodshed. It is similarly unknown the name of the shinigami trapped within.

The curse itself is akin to a temporary blood lust that requires substantial willpower to control. This blood lust is activated when the wielder draws the sword and does not go away until the sword is sheathed. Compounding this is the fact that the curse also prevents the user from sheathing the sword until at least one life has been taken using the sword.

In addition to the effects on the user the sword itself was affected by its infusion with the shinigami. The edge has the hardness of diamond yet the rest of the blade remains mostly flexible. Apart from that the entire sword has an unnatural durability the limits of which have not been tested. However the current wielder Yuuku Ryougan can bisect small boulders with no damage to the sword at all.