Kingdom of Adren

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The Kingdom of Adren lies to the south of Kingdom of Braebar and north-east of the Republic of Atresh. The capital city surrounds the Ghost Tower. It is a strictly governed Kingdom which until recently has enjoyed a good deal of prosperity and expanded trade with its immediate neighbors, even the Republic of Atresh which has traditionally been very cold to such things.

Recent Problems

In the last several months, reports have been that the dead have risen from the Sanctuary of Poison Tears to the East of the land. The marshy area is known already for stories of being haunted with the ghosts of long dead warriors from before the Peace of Ages. It is said that at night, the dead will rise and terrorize nearby farming communities. There have started to be sightings as far west as Kenga.

As a result many of the magic users of the land have been blamed in various places, especially anyone with knowledge of the undead and most with the means have begun to fleet the Kingdom fearing a possible decree from the king against them.