Kingdom of Thaentis

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The Thaentis is the second largest of the 10 Kingdoms and it was the last one to sign the Peace of Ages. Prior to the war it is known to have had a bloody history of conquest across the entire continent developing a vast endeavor of advancing the technology of war. This is perhaps why The Kraul was hesitant to make a deal with them for the use of his trees and wildlife. It is also know that The Kraul is most often seen in the woods near Thaentis.

Thaentis's realm from Tempest Hills in the west to the Bighy River to the east along the North Sea to the south and Badabun Spires in the north.


Diford Castle

The Diford Castle on Diford Lake is the head of the kingdom. The castle is an elegantly constructed affair, which has lasted from the time of the last war before the Peace of Ages.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Regina Ellian

The King and Queen (Veldon III and Clemence) stepped down to allow their daughter to take the throne in the year of 1040 A.W.


The Diford Drochaid is located about 5 miles outside of the castle walls, to the south. It is a well known located with a small village around it who house a few of the castle guard, a place for caravans to come and go without the trouble of entering the castle proper.


The most industrial of any of the 10 Kingdoms, though it is still largely agricultural but of all the Kingdoms it employs the most use of money in the form of Gold, Silver, and Copper coins. Platinum coins are known to exist but are very rare outside of the nobility. They also have the most advanced banking and commodities trading system of any of the kingdoms, which determines the prices of most goods on the open markets.


The population is in the realm of around 20 million people over the entire kingdom with most of those in the largest 3 cities.


Politically the Kingdom is a prosperous monarchy with a royal family going back generations, all the way to the Peace of Ages. Legend has it that the King and Queen of the war stepped down rather than sign the peace, however some say that they did not step down but were forced into the Savage River after trying to break the peace so soon after its signing.

Security / Policing

The kingdom has a well developed force of the Kings Guard which act as a police force within the Kingdom, though they are known to be reliable there are stories of corruption within the ranks, especially at the middle-management level.