Kryter Yasei

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Kryter Yasei.png
Kryter Yasei
Played by: User:Left4Cake
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Wildcat
Age: 32 (Born 15,000 BLW)
Place of Birth: Dinosaur Planet
Eye Color: Ruby Red
Fur Color: Blue
Figure: D cup, Wide hips.
Universe of Origin: StarFox 64 Universe
Occupation: Hunter/Gatherer
Rank / Skill Level: Skilled Hunter, Animal Rider
Status: Approved
Setting: Embers of Soteria


Flirty, Strong Willed

Special Skills

  • Great Staff Combatiant:
  • Animale Riding: Has been know to hitch a ride on various large aniamles


  • Staff: Has some magical properties that needs discussed with the other RPers



A long time ago, in a galaxy with the lylat system in it. There was a planet filled with dinosaurs, and magic long before Andross invasion on the planet. This blue cat speed her life befriend the dinosaurs and hunting the furry wild life and fish for food.